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Why Your Home Needs a Better Network Installation

Improve Speed, Reliability, Security, and Consistency with Top Quality Connectivity

Why Your Home Needs a Better Network Installation

The modern smart home relies on its network installation for a growing number of tasks; it is vital that you have a robust and secure setup. From entertainment and security to light switches and the smart refrigerator, nearly every aspect of your house communicates over your data network's wires and radio waves.

Your media room accesses ultra-high-definition content from sites like Netflix, HBO, and Disney+. More often than not, the music that plays over your whole-home audio system comes from MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), and FLAC enabled platforms like Deezer, Spotify, AmazonHD, and others. If you work from home, your Zoom and online conferences require consistent connections and the bandwidth to communicate effectively.

An improperly designed or configured system can cause you no end of trouble like lags, buffering, frequent disconnections, and even loss of data. You want connectivity that works so well you never think about it. Choosing the right integrator makes all the difference.

Are you looking for a better home network in your San Francisco, CA residence? Read below to find out more.

Is Your Business Network Ready for a Zoom Room Installation?

Ensure that your network has the bandwidth and speed to support videoconferencing

Is Your Business Network Ready for a Zoom Room Installation?

Virtual collaboration has become a vital part of the office environment as remote employees have become more common and travel restrictions have limited in-person meetings. Investing in video conferencing equipment will improve your business’ efficiency, employee morale, and client retention.

But you need more than just high-quality cameras and microphones to create a virtual workplace effectively. Is your business in Palo Alto, CA, ready to support high-quality teleconferencing? Western Audio Video will help you upgrade your network while completing a Zoom Room installation in tandem. Read on to learn more!

Smart Home Control and Entertainment Bring Your House to Life

Explore High-Performance Entertainment Options to Add to Your Smart Home System

Smart Home Control and Entertainment Bring Your House to Life

A smart home control system provides many ways to improve your life and lifestyle. The ecosystem provides the convenience of lighting that enhances your wellness and climate control and motorized shades that self-regulate. Whether the system runs automatically, at the touch of a button, or even with the sound of your voice, it responds to your needs.

Entertainment is a key component of your San Mateo, CA, at-home experience. The movies and music we watch have the power to move us, inspire creativity, keep us energized, or decompress from the day. An integrated smart home system furnishes you with the remarkable ability to connect any source to any or all the rooms in your house.

Our team believes that the audio-video system installed in your home should exceed your expectations. We are consistently impressed by the quality offerings from Sony and Sonos. Are you looking to upgrade your home entertainment options? Read below to learn more.

Professional Conferencing Right from Home

Crestron Automation Technology Makes Your Home Office the Perfect Collaboration Space

Professional Conferencing Right from Home

The trend of working from home continues to grow exponentially. Whether driven by necessity or as a lifestyle choice, the remote office is here to stay. The change was well underway as multinational teams began to make up larger proportions of companies. As a result, traditional office spaces and hours often become more of a detriment. The events of 2020 accelerated the trend, showing that quality productivity is possible after an adjustment period.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, many founders are projecting that an average of 70% of their staff will work some form of hybrid remote scheduling for the next five to ten years. Interestingly research by the Boston Consulting Group and Microsoft found, “Indeed, for many, the remote environment has made them more productive because they're better able to craft an environment that works for them.”


Crestron automation provides professional tools that improve working from your San Francisco, CA home. Are you ready to make your work from home more productive? Read more below to find out how.