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Can Your Home Network Handle the Latest Technology?

Video Streaming, Smart Devices Place New Demands on Your Wi-Fi

Can Your Home Network Handle the Latest Technology?

You're all set for your weekend movie marathon. You've got your blanket, popcorn, and you’re ready to go. And then that buffering icon shows up. Now you're stuck fiddling with your phone, trying as hard as you can not to finish all the popcorn before the movie even gets going.

Are you still relying on your internet provider’s standard installation and equipment? With the new demand brought on by video and music streaming, as well as all your smart home devices, it's time for a much-needed wi-fi upgrade. In this blog, we'll explain why your network needs an upgrade and how our residential networking services can help. 

How to Take Your Zoom Rooms to the Next Level

Realize Your Full Meeting Potential with These Technology Upgrades

How to Take Your Zoom Rooms to the Next Level

Every once in a while we receive questions from clients about how to enhance their software-based conferencing systems. In recent years, Zoom Conference Rooms have emerged as the most popular of these ‘soft-codec ‘solutions since they offer HD video, wireless sharing, centralized management and simple one-touch meeting setups.

Nearly every time, the answer is adding the right physical infrastructure to enhance the software features offered by Zoom and their main competitors. In this blog, we're going to highlight the equipment upgrades that can take the meetings in your San Francisco office to the next level.

How to Get Amazing Images Out of Your 4K Ultra HD Displays

Find Out Why an Efficient Signal Path Can Make All the Difference

How to Get Amazing Images Out of Your 4K Ultra HD Displays

Having a brand-new 4K Ultra HD display in your home or business won’t mean an immediate upgrade in image quality. Even if you buy the best products on the market, they won’t perform at their best without the right support system in place.

Every team is only as good as its weakest link, and this is especially true of the video distribution system in your San Francisco, CA space. Are you watching high-quality content? Are you using the right cables to transmit 4K Ultra HD signals that come with bigger bandwidths?

Creating a successful signal path is just as important as investing in the right 4K display. In this blog, we'll explain what a signal path is and what you need to do to optimize it to get high-resolution, immersive images in your home or business.

Why AV over IP is the Ultimate Business Investment for 2018

Find Out How This Technology Can Enhance Business Communications

Why AV over IP is the Ultimate Business Investment for 2018

In the world of technology, there always seems to be new trendy acronyms hitting the market. So, we can't blame you for being wary when you first hear of AV over IP.

Not only is it another acronym getting lost in the pile with HDCP, IoT, and HDR, but the word IP can also be a bit of a turnoff in itself. Do we really need something else connected to the internet for no reason?

But AV over IP isn’t just a gimmicky feature. It’s a solution to a changing media landscape. It allows for convergence for your data, communications and video distribution within one efficient system.

In this blog, we'll explain a bit more about this new technology, showcase its most significant benefits, and help you figure out how to best bring it into your San Jose space.