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What Telecommunications Companies Are Doing for You

Learn What Services Tech Companies Are Offering During the COVID-19 Pandemic

What Telecommunications Companies Are Doing for You

In the wake of COVID-19, we are facing an unprecedented amount of change. A big component of this sea of change is in how we work, learn, and interact while maintaining social distancing. Technology has become central to our everyday interactions, and technology companies are pulling out all the stops to be relevant in the new paradigm.

Several major corporations are offering complimentary expanded access to their products to support the nation through these difficult times. Read more to learn what telecommunication systems companies are doing to keep you connected in San Mateo, CA and the rest of the world.

Connect with Loved Ones Using a Video Teleconference System

Maintain Social Distancing and Video Chat with Your Friends and Family

Connect with Loved Ones Using a Video  Teleconference System

As we maintain social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19, it has become more challenging to connect with faraway friends and family. While seeing them in person is not an option right now, a good solution is installing a video conferencing system to video chat with them from the safety of your home.

Thankfully, setting up a virtual hangout space has never been easier. Read on to learn more about setting up a video teleconference system in your San Francisco, CA home.

Give Your Office Building an Audio Video Revamp

Stunning Audiovisuals Inform and Communicate Throughout Your Company Space

Give Your Office Building an Audio Video Revamp

It doesn’t matter what size your office space is: It can certainly be hard to communicate effectively from one end of the building to the other. When you are separated by walls or even in an open-office environment, trying to send out announcements or important video files via email only gets you so far.

So, how can you make sure information and video presentations effectively reach your entire company? With a top-notch building audio video distribution system in your San Jose, CA office, you can ensure every employee hears and sees important communication no matter where they’re located.

What’s more, a building audio video distribution system enhances conference room operations and helps boost morale with easy delivery of motivational messages or company photos. We’ll dive into these many benefits and features below. Keep reading on for more!

Unify Your Conference Room Systems and Solutions with Crestron

A Crestron Installer Centralizes Business Operations

Unify Your Conference Room Systems and Solutions with Crestron

A conference room shouldn’t be a hectic or chaotic space. This area is where you conduct important meetings, deliver informative presentations, or hold brainstorming sessions that propel your business forward. So, how can you ensure your conference rooms encourage productivity instead of delaying or interrupting meetings with technical issues?

Our Crestron installers at Western Audio Video can deliver a centralized conference room solution that unifies your whole Woodside, CA office. Want to learn more about these smart commercial features from Crestron and how they can elevate your work environment? Keep reading below for more.