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Why Your Home Needs a Better Network Installation

Improve Speed, Reliability, Security, and Consistency with Top Quality Connectivity

Why Your Home Needs a Better Network Installation

The modern smart home relies on its network installation for a growing number of tasks; it is vital that you have a robust and secure setup. From entertainment and security to light switches and the smart refrigerator, nearly every aspect of your house communicates over your data network's wires and radio waves.

Your media room accesses ultra-high-definition content from sites like Netflix, HBO, and Disney+. More often than not, the music that plays over your whole-home audio system comes from MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), and FLAC enabled platforms like Deezer, Spotify, AmazonHD, and others. If you work from home, your Zoom and online conferences require consistent connections and the bandwidth to communicate effectively.

An improperly designed or configured system can cause you no end of trouble like lags, buffering, frequent disconnections, and even loss of data. You want connectivity that works so well you never think about it. Choosing the right integrator makes all the difference.

Are you looking for a better home network in your San Francisco, CA residence? Read below to find out more.

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Benefits of Both Worlds

Wireless connectivity and communication are ubiquitous today; with the proliferation of smartphones, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and toys, it is the dominant method. We like wireless because it frees us up to move about the house unfettered by wires or physical connections.

While Wi-Fi has many benefits, transmitting data via radio waves makes it susceptible to several complications. The newly released Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) provides several improvements in reliability, but the bandwidth demanded by the plethora of devices in your home is problematic.

Combining a solid infrastructure of Ethernet ‘hard-wired’ cable working in conjunction with RF routers ensures even distribution of the data loads streaming devices require. Sending video and audio over category cable to monitors and speakers in fixed locations reduces the strain on your Wi-Fi transmitters. By building a network from the best of both, your home runs smoother.

Enterprise-Class Performance

Your home network needs to perform at the top level 24/7, every day for years. The essential functions of climate control, lighting, security, and remote access cannot be interrupted. We install enterprise-class products to avoid loss of service from hardware failure, bandwidth overburdening, or illicit entry.

The commercial-quality routers, data switches, and firewalls provide dedicated monitoring and active management of your network. The systems we install allow us to focus and delineate where and how data gets to your devices. Separate your office from the rest of the house and ensure that the kids’ gaming and your movies take priority over less essential traffic.

Security is a significant element of enterprise products, blocking unauthorized devices and indicating potential issues or intrusions. Segmentation prevents access from one section of the network to another, keeping your work data and sensitive personal information safe.

Rest Assured Starting Today

Investing in a robust, secure, and high-performance data network installation assures your home functions no matter the demands put on it. Are you intrigued by what we can do for you?

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