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    Control all the technology in your home from an easy-to-use interface on the device of your choice.


    Make your home more beautiful, safe and efficient with one-touch control of all you lights.


    Never miss a moment of the action with the ability to share sources (cable, satellite TV, or Apple TV) to any TV in your home.



    An automated house makes it easy to conduct your everyday activities and impress friends and family. Control everything in your San Francisco home from the device of your choice and forget about the pile of remotes and switches on the wall. You decide how you want to manage lights, entertainment, climate, shades, security and more. With the addition of scenes, you can even have all of the subsystems working together as one at the press of a button. For example, a “Welcome Scene” raises the lights, adjusts the temperature, and turns on the TV to your favorite news channel when you return home from work.


    Prep your home for any occasion at the touch of a button with a custom-tailored lighting control system. We know how different lighting requirements can be depending on a room’s use, so we make it easy to make adjustments when you’re watching TV, hosting friends, or sitting down for family dinner. Just like with your Savant home automation system, you can take advantage of scenes in your San Mateo home. Press a “Bedtime” scene, and all the shades close and lights turn on when it’s time to go to sleep. You can also use your smart lighting system to protect your home. If there’s any unwanted activity on your property, lights immediately start flashing to ward off intruders and get better images on your surveillance cameras.


    With video streaming on our smartphones no matter where we are, we no longer consider watching a sedentary experience. The same should be true in your house without having to rely on your phone’s small screens. We use matrix switchers to make it easy to pull up the same TV show or movie throughout your house at the press of a button. Meanwhile, all AV equipment is discreetly hidden from view, so it doesn’t clash with your chic San Francisco décor.


    Keep your home at the perfect temperature at all times with intuitive control of your thermostat. You can adjust the temperature from the same touchpad you use to control your lights and entertainment or use it to prepare your home from your smartphone while you’re on the go. Incorporate schedules to ensure you’re not wasting energy. Let your thermostat know to go into an energy-saving mode during your work hours and to cool back down right before you return. With smart climate control, you can significantly reduce your monthly energy bills while enhancing the overall comfort of your home.


    Get access to your favorite artists and albums anywhere in your home with a whole-house music system that puts power in the palm of your hand. Forget about having to walk to your speaker, turntable or media player to adjust the volume. You can do it all from a smart remote, touchpad, iPhone, or Android device. We can install speakers anywhere in your home so your soundtrack can follow you wherever you go. We can install them in the shower, pool, backyard, bedroom, kitchen, and more. If you want a discreet installation, we can hide them within walls and ceilings. What do you want to listen to? We can link up your CDs, digital library and even your favorite streaming services including Spotify and Tidal.


    With so many devices added to your San Jose home each day, a professional network installation is pivotal. You need to have the right foundation in place to be able to satisfy your home networking needs, which can include TVs, telephones, music, security, and more. Not only do we enhance your bandwidth capabilities, but we secure your network to keep any third parties from accessing your devices. Make sure that you’re getting high-speed coverage in every corner of your property with our custom networking solutions.


    Residential project? Find out how our integrated solutions can help you embrace the luxury lifestyle in your home with convenience control of all your technology; the first step is clicking below.…