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    Adjust lights, shades, temperature and AV equipment at the press of a button to prepare the room.


    Enhance your company communications by making it easier for every to share high-definition content easily no matter the source.


    Connect better with employees, partners and potential clients with high-definition video and high-end collaborative systems.



    Bring newfound efficiency to your San Francisco conference rooms, boardrooms and executive offices with a boardroom automation system that places all your technology under one easy-to-use device. From a dedicated touchpad, you can adjust lights, displays, shades, and telecommunication systems. Instead of having employees fidgeting with your conference room AV before an important meeting, they can get everything ready in a matter of seconds. Boost efficiency even more with preset scenes according to specific office functions. For example, a “Video Conferencing” scene dims the lights, closes the shades, and turns on your Ultra 4K Ultra HD display.


    Make it easy to share digital or analog signals to your brand new high-definition and 4K displays whether you’re in an office, business or educational setting. We design our systems to be scalable so they can grow over time to incorporate new technology in your San Mateo space. We can connect your content via HDMI, Fiber or Cat53 cables. We also strengthen your network installation so employees can share content easily from their mobile devices. At the same time, your video conferencing systems can better support communications with clients and employees across the globe. Take advantage of digital distribution for advertising, entertainment, training, and even security measures. With easy control of your technology, the opportunities are practically endless.


    Embrace the collaborative workspace and reduce labor and travel costs with an integrated office audio visual system. Efficiently communicate with employees and clients anywhere in the world. With a strong telecommunications system, you can eliminate lagging and receive immediate feedback during meetings. All video conferencing equipment is optimized so that you can speed up meetings and make decisions faster. With companies increasingly moving to ‘virtual meetings’ it’s important that you have the right video conferencing infrastructure in place in your San Jose office.


    Streamline all your business operations with a centralized control solution that lets you manage lights, temperature, shades, security, and commercial audio visual systems from one location. Get rid of clutter or complicated equipment and make it easy for employees to conduct their everyday activities. With all your technology under one umbrella, it’s also easier for you to manage functions across multiple rooms or properties. Our systems are built for easy expansion so you can start in one office or classroom and expand over time as needed.


    Having high-quality audio systems can enhance business efficiency, boost client satisfaction, and strengthen your brand. Our audio distribution systems make it easy for you to access your music collections or services from a touchscreen, remote or smart device. Our speakers blend in with their surroundings whether it’s a showroom, waiting area, or office. With the rising popularity of music streaming, we include network installations as part of your distributed audio to make sure that you have access to services like Spotify. We only work with the top audio manufacturers in the industry to ensure that you get professional, high-quality sound through your space. Your sound can be divided into distinct zones that can be controlled separately or simultaneously.


    Engage your audience whether in an office or classroom setting by incorporating state-of-the-art presentation technology. Our office audio visual systems will make your business look more professional no matter the market. We prepare the room for the best audio and video quality, installing acoustic treatments to better feature speakers. We advise our clients on which high-definition displays would work best in their San Francisco space: they can choose between screens or flat screens depending on size and budget limitations.


    Commercial project? Take your business in the San Francisco Bay area to the next level with brand new video conferencing, telecommunication, and automation systems. To get started, click below.