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Articles tagged with: commercial automation

What Every Business Needs to Know About Video Systems

Enhance the Communication Capabilities of Your Palo Alto, CA Company

What Every Business Needs to Know About Video Systems

Video has become an essential aspect of business operations. It connects remote employees and clients in ways that create stronger avenues of communication than ever before.

Integrated video systems foster real-time collaboration with people working in different cities, states, and countries, expanding the reach of your organization while making it more efficient. In this blog, we break down some fundamental principles that your Palo Alto, CA business needs to know if it is considering a high-performance integrated video system. Keep reading to learn more.

Creating an Engaging Presentation with Smart Technology

Captivate Your Audience With Commercial Media Distribution

Creating an Engaging Presentation with Smart Technology

Preparing a multimedia presentation that entertains and educates your audience is a lot of hard work, so you don’t want to create unnecessary stress with office technology that doesn’t function properly when you need it to. If you’re constantly wasting time with way too many wires, you need to know that there’s a better, more efficient way to craft a perfect presentation.

Commercial media distribution brings all of your office’s media systems together in a single streamlined control system. This system is accessed via a touch screen customized for your business or any smartphone or tablet with the control app and the appropriate access credentials.

It’s easier than ever to control all of the A/V components in your office with commercial media distribution. You can pick a playlist for the lobby, choose company slideshows for your flat-panel displays, and start video conference calls from the same integrated technology interface. And when it comes to presentations, your multimedia technology upgrade will wow clients with high-performance audio and video that requires minimal set-up. Keep reading to learn how your Palo Alto office can benefit from commercial media distribution.

How to Create a Successful Teleconference System

Learn How a Network Installation Can Improve Business Communications

How to Create a Successful Teleconference System

Your teleconference system is used for communication with clients and employees, but it’s also an indicator of how well your company operates. Does your company use an interface that is easy for everyone to use, or are people struggling to access conference calls? Your teleconferencing system is a major part of how your company presents itself to the rest of the world, and with a professional network installation, you’ll gain a strong, reliable connection across all of your integrated technology.

Keep reading to learn how a network installation from Western Audio Video can boost the performance of your San Francisco, CA office’s teleconferencing system.

A Guide to Upgrading Your Video Conferencing Equipment

Improve the Quality of Your Meetings with Conferencing Technology

A Guide to Upgrading Your Video Conferencing Equipment

Office environments have dramatically changed over the past decade with the rise of smart devices that function as multifaceted work tools and high-definition video conferencing equipment. These new developments in technology allow companies to connect more thoroughly with remote employees. Video conferencing allows for more personal interactions for both your off-site employees and clients, and the latest technology offers a variety of features designed to make your staff work more efficiently.

Read on for a guide on video conferencing equipment and the benefits it can offer your San Francisco business.