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Should You Be Using a Better Camera for Video Conferencing?

These Products Are a Great Upgrade from Your Typical Laptop Webcam

Should You Be Using a Better Camera for Video Conferencing?

What were you doing during your last business meeting? Be honest. You were likely returning some emails, maybe catching up on the news, or finishing some last-minute assignments. 

It can be hard for people to stay engaged when they’re speaking to a faceless voice on the other side of the line. A recent study found that 73 percent of people work on other things during meetings. 

One way to resolve this is to include visuals, especially video, during your presentation. We all know how important eye contact is to day-to-day communication so why dismiss that during important meetings?

For this reason, when researching video conferencing equipment, the first step should be upgrading your camera. 

Find one that offers better visuals and flexibility for your Mountain View, CA business. Below we highlight some of our favorites.