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Articles in Category: Commercial Audio Video

Relocating Your Office? Make the Move a Breeze

We Can Help You Best Optimize Your Commercial AV Equipment and Upgrade Where Necessary

Relocating Your Office? Make the Move a Breeze

Even just the thought of relocating your San Jose, CA office can feel daunting. If you already have commercial audio video and automation systems in place and a conference room design that you’re happy with, picking up and moving your equipment doesn’t sound appealing.

Our team of experts at Western Audio Video is here to help you optimize your existing solutions and prepare your future space so you can make way for new ones. Make moving offices easier than ever with our technology professionals on your side. Learn how we can help by reading below!

Use Commercial Audio Video to Boost Your Restaurant’s Profits

Find Out How Commercial Technology Can Elevate Your San Francisco Restaurant

Use Commercial Audio Video to Boost Your Restaurant’s Profits

Commercial technology introduces new possibilities for business growth, and your San Francisco restaurant can significantly benefit from commercial audio video solutions. Adding digital signage, interactive touchscreens, and high-performance audio increases advertising effectiveness, encourages customer engagement, and amplifies the atmosphere so guests will want to come back with more friends. 

Read on to learn the different ways commercial audio video can boost your San Francisco restaurant's profits by influencing the behavior of potential patrons and creating an optimal experience for guests.

What is the Best Way to Control Your Office AV System?

How to Make Technology Manageable for the Everyday User

What is the Best Way to Control Your Office AV System?

The one complaint we always get when people want to upgrade their commercial audio video system is that their current solution is too hard to manage.

They’re tired of outdated tablets that no one in the office knows how to use. That is, except for the one overworked IT guy who's called in every time someone has a presentation or wants to change the playlist for the office's background music.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can integrate an AV control system that is easy for the everyday user to understand. How can you make sure of that? Because you’re the one designing it with your office’s needs in mind.

How to Enhance Your Business Potential With Video Walls

Everything You Need to Know About the Ultimate Digital Signage Solution

How to Enhance Your Business Potential With Video Walls

Marketing experts know one thing: Digital signage is heads above traditional advertising when it comes to engaging visitors in your San Jose, CA business.

They have the numbers to back it up: A recent study found that 70 percent of Americans have seen a digital display in the past month. Of those, 82 percent can remember what it showed.

One way to make a lasting impact with your digital signage is quite simple: Go big. Giant displays will have a giant impact.

What's the best way to create cost-effective, efficient displays on a large scale? Video walls that let you create larger-than-life images to better engage your target audience.

In this blog, we'll explain what video walls are, their benefits, and how the right commercial audio video solutions help you get the most out of them.