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Complete your commercial audio video projects with trusted experts in electronic integration known for retrofit and brand-new installations. 




Regardless of the type of business you run, it is clear that the look and feel of a space influences the perceptions of your clientele. Recent research verifies what many have known: The sound of a room alters an individual's focus, feelings, and even satisfaction with their food.

Your commercial space is designed with purpose, whether you oversee an upscale retail store or a family restaurant. We understand that each area has its own unique needs and that accommodating these can make or break an operation. Any technology installation must balance reliability, durability, and scalability while not dominating the architecture or decor.

Our commercial audio-video integration specialists have the right audio solution for your San Jose, CA space regardless of your business type. Read more to learn how you can attract and retain more clients with a professional and discreet audio system.

Has Your Current Commercial Audio Video Company Dropped the Ball?

Don’t Be Afraid to Change AV Integrators Mid-Project

Has Your Current Commercial Audio Video Company Dropped the Ball?

As professional and conscientious providers of commercial audio video in San Jose, CA, we’ve successfully taken over many commercial projects. From unfinished audio systems to repetitive delays, no business can fully function when their AV system is down or operating at half-mast.

Unfortunately, many companies cling to their current provider, afraid that initiating a change in AV integrators will slow down the project even further or lead to additional costs. It’s a little like clinging to a sinking boat, they’re afraid to let go in case they drown trying to get to shore, so they go down with the ship.

At Western Audio Video, we understand your concerns. As experts in electronic integration, we are always on time, on scope, and on budget, and we know the many details required to complete a project midstream. So let's take a look at how we ensure a seamless takeover.

Is It Time to Break Up with Your Commercial Audio Video Company?

Check Out These Signs That Show It’s Time to Move on to a New AV Integrator

Is It Time to Break Up with Your Commercial Audio Video Company?

Commercial audio-video technology is an essential part of your business. Whether you utilize conference room technology to facilitate communication or a surveillance system to monitor your store, experiencing problems with your technology can cause downtime, frustration, and profit loss.

Is your current AV company hindering you instead of helping you? Ensure your business operations run smoothly by partnering with a reliable audio-video integrator like Western Audio Video. Read on to learn three signs that it’s time to find a new commercial audio-video company in San Francisco, CA.

Who Benefits from a Commercial Audio Video Installation?

Discover How a Distributed Audio-Video System Will Benefit Both Clients and Employees

Who Benefits from a Commercial Audio Video Installation?

Communication is an essential component of any business’s productivity. Whether you are hosting an essential business meeting, providing training for a new employee, or ensuring that your employees get the information they need, a commercial audio-video system will make collaboration simple. Plus, this solution can also help you impress potential clientele with a waiting room that is inviting and modern. Read on to learn how a commercial audio-video installation in your San Francisco-area workspace will benefit both clients and employees.