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Articles in Category: Assistive Listening San Francisco, CA

If your San Francisco, CA space fits California’s definition of an ‘assembly area’ you may be in need of an assistive listening system. Find out all you need to know to be compliant.

Does Your Business Comply with California’s Assistive Listening Requirements?

Ensure Your San Francisco Company Meets Building Codes with These Solutions

Does Your Business Comply with California’s Assistive Listening Requirements?

For any new construction or renovation, it's essential that businesses comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means removing barriers from access for people with disabilities through the use of ramps, Braille signs, assistive listening devices, and more.

With 17 percent of the US population reporting measurable hearing loss, assistive listening is one of the most important and oft-ignored sections of the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. This is why we partner with Listen Technologies to ensure all our projects are ADA compliant.

In this blog, we'll highlight what these requirements entail, whether they're relevant for your company, and the technology you need to integrate to make your San Francisco business compliant.