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Crestron home automation adds convenience and comfort to your lifestyle with one-tap control of lighting, climate, media, and more. Learn more here.

Have Better Meetings from the Home Office with Crestron HomeTime

Working from Home Does Not Mean You Need to Sacrifice Quality and Intelligibility

Have Better Meetings from the Home Office with Crestron HomeTime

Whether you work from home by choice or were forced to do so during the last year, it is clear the trend has some staying power. While the increase from in-office to remote was well underway prior to 2020, improved business communication tools have helped make it possible long term. 

A recent survey of top CEOs and business founders indicated that they expected up to 70% of their workforce to remain away from the office for the next three to five years. Studies have shown that the productivity of employees has not only been maintained but also increased markedly. 

The Crestron HomeTime line of conferencing tools provides professional presentation products that integrate with your Crestron home automation system. Are you ready to communicate clearly with your teams from your Woodside, CA home as you would in person? Read more below to find out how.

The Customizability Of Crestron Home Automation

Control a variety of your home’s technology from one centralized location

The Customizability Of Crestron Home Automation

In this day and age of advanced technology, there are many times when you want to use your smart devices to do something rather than getting up and doing it yourself. Smart home technology from Crestron home automation allows you to control your home’s lighting, climate control, audio video control, motorized shades and more. Best of all, the customization options are endless. Read our latest blog to learn more about the customization options a Crestron home automation system in Woodside, CA, offers.

Why You Should Bring in an AV Partner Early on in Your Home Build

Leave the Hassle of Installing Home Automation and AV Systems to Your Local Experts

Why You Should Bring in an AV Partner Early on in Your Home Build

Are you considering bringing smart home devices, high-end audio, and 4K video to your new home? These technologies throughout your home will require proper design, installation, and integration, which may sound quite overwhelming if you don’t have any experience with AV or smart home technology.

That’s why it’s ideal to partner with a smart home expert at the beginning of your home build to properly design and install your devices for you so that they work reliably for years to come.

Our professionals at Western Audio Video specialize in  Crestron home automation and high-performance AV installations for homes throughout Hillsborough, CA and beyond. Keep reading to learn the benefits of working with us early on in your home build to bring reliable and scalable smart home automation and home entertainment systems to your property.