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Are you getting the best audio and video out of your Zoom Conferencing? Find out how to optimize the meetings in your Palo Alto office.

Prepare For A Remote Workforce With Zoom Conferencing

Zoom Rooms and Zoom for Home make working from home a breeze

Prepare For A Remote Workforce With Zoom Conferencing

More people are working from home than ever before. As a business owner, you are likely trying to figure out how your company will comply with social distancing ordinances to keep your employees safe and what you can do to cut costs to stay afloat. Transitioning to an online workforce is one way to cut overhead costs. That will require the right tools to keep collaboration going even when you’re not sharing the same physical space. Read our latest blog to learn why you should invest in Zoom for Home when organizing Zoom conferencing solutions for your business in Palo Alto, CA.