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Articles in Category: Savant Home Automation

Save Energy With Savant Home Automation

Reduce your carbon footprint and your monthly bills with intuitive smart technology

Save Energy With Savant Home Automation

Homeowners are looking for more ways to save energy in their homes and reduce their monthly bills. Some might keep lights off in empty rooms or utilize eco-modes in vital appliances, but this is only a small way you can be eco-friendly. Reduce your carbon footprint with a comprehensive solution to your home's energy management.

Savant home automation allows you to monitor your power usage effortlessly and make real-time adjustments to your home's energy usage. A Savant home automation system can save you thousands of dollars each year in energy costs. Keep reading to learn how Savant home automation will help you save energy in your San Francisco, CA home.

Simplify Your AV Setup with Savant Home Automation

A Whole-Home A/V System with Video over IP Will Make Your AV Setup Less Cluttered

Simplify Your AV Setup with Savant Home Automation

If you have a larger property, you likely have many televisions, speakers, and audio video equipment throughout your home. Clunky equipment and source components in each room can clutter your home's décor and ruin your interior design. There is an easier way that consolidates your video sources into one unified entertainment system that is accessible in every room from the same centralized remote control.

A whole-home A/V system with video over IP can integrate with a Savant home automation system to create a straightforward solution for your entertainment needs. Read our latest blog to learn how a Savant home automation system integrated with video over IP will make your life easier in Palo Alto, CA.