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Are you interested in adding IP video distribution to your San Jose, CA office? We highlight the top offerings from Crestron and Snap AV in our latest blog.

How to Optimize the IP Video Distribution for Your Company

Enjoy Video Content with Higher Resolution and Lower Latency

How to Optimize the IP Video Distribution for Your Company

The switch to IP video distribution should be a no-brainer for any business that relies on dynamic video displays. Once you switch to distributing video over your network, you enjoy a more seamless installation with a myriad of benefits.

With video over IP, it'll be easier to scale your system, send video longer distances, and create more engaging content. Now that you can dispatch more signals to your display, you can use content that combines live video, recorded footage, images and text simultaneously.

Even among all these benefits, there's one we know business owners and office managers care about most: cost-efficiency. Two installations became one, so you save your company money while getting better results.

How can you take advantage of this emerging technology in your San Jose, CA, business? In this blog, we feature components which are vital to getting unrivaled quality out of your IP video distribution.