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How to Fix Your Poor Conference Room Audio

Ensure High-Quality Sound with the Right Equipment and Layout

How to Fix Your Poor Conference Room Audio

Conference rooms are an essential element of any successful business. While the nature of how we work has changed in recent times, face-to-face collaboration is still the most effective method of generating innovation.

A dedicated space where onsite teams can meet or connect with remote staff requires practical tools of communication. Audio is the most critical component of your conference room equipment. Studies have shown that participants will tolerate lesser-quality video but become disengaged when the sound is unintelligible.

If you want to improve the productivity and creativity of your meetings in San Jose, CA, you’ll need a quality audio solution. Read on for key conference room audio tips from our A/V experts.


Business Requires Effective Meetings to Create Growth and Innovation


Companies are getting back to business, and a key component in the continuing success and growth is bringing together worldwide teams. Having a dedicated space to assemble your product developers, salesforce, and manufacturing team stimulates new ideas and innovation.

A recent national business survey indicated that employers expect to bring people back to the office no later than the beginning of 2022. These individuals are eager to work closely, sharing concepts and problem solving with the tools that let them present in the best light. So, even if you are planning to operate under a hybrid model, this is the time to implement better conference room systems in your San Jose location.

Are you ready to make more of your office space and remarkable talent base? Continue reading below to learn how.

Make Meetings More Productive with Video Conferencing Equipment

Be seen and heard more effectively with a system that suits your company’s needs.

Make Meetings More Productive with Video Conferencing Equipment

Business runs on communication; it is how markets are discovered, products developed, and solutions implemented. Today’s teams are more diverse and distributed, spread out across the country and the globe. Connecting effectively requires video conferencing equipment suited to your company’s needs.

While the nature of in-office work has changed recently, the benefits of assembling in a dedicated space to share and solve projects are invaluable. But, unfortunately, even the most impressive and paradigm-shifting ideas are lost opportunities when people on the other end cannot see or hear you.

Are you ready to inspire more creativity and productivity with updated unified communications technology? Continue reading to see how your San Jose, CA company benefits.

Why Your Home Needs a Better Network Installation

Improve Speed, Reliability, Security, and Consistency with Top Quality Connectivity

Why Your Home Needs a Better Network Installation

The modern smart home relies on its network installation for a growing number of tasks; it is vital that you have a robust and secure setup. From entertainment and security to light switches and the smart refrigerator, nearly every aspect of your house communicates over your data network's wires and radio waves.

Your media room accesses ultra-high-definition content from sites like Netflix, HBO, and Disney+. More often than not, the music that plays over your whole-home audio system comes from MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), and FLAC enabled platforms like Deezer, Spotify, AmazonHD, and others. If you work from home, your Zoom and online conferences require consistent connections and the bandwidth to communicate effectively.

An improperly designed or configured system can cause you no end of trouble like lags, buffering, frequent disconnections, and even loss of data. You want connectivity that works so well you never think about it. Choosing the right integrator makes all the difference.

Are you looking for a better home network in your San Francisco, CA residence? Read below to find out more.