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How to Fix Your Poor Conference Room Audio

Ensure High-Quality Sound with the Right Equipment and Layout

How to Fix Your Poor Conference Room Audio

Despite conference rooms and meeting rooms being vital to business activity, design and technology issues often turn them into a hindrance. A study by Viju Group found that 58 percent of responders regularly experienced difficulties when using these systems.

What's the most common complaint? In our experience, clients' most significant issues have to do with sound. In part, because they still rely on a tabletop phone for their speaker and microphone needs.

Instead, clients’ video conferencing equipment should be taking advantage of their entire space. In this blog, we showcase how to accomplish that through in-ceiling speakers and microphones.

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Ceiling Microphones

The speakerphone on the conference table will not be able to pick up the audio from participants in the far end of the room and will likely get distorted or muddled sound from those closest to it.

Instead, you should be upgrading to a microphone array: a bundle of microphones strategically placed throughout the room.

Depending on the conference room design you prefer, these can hang from the ceiling (as pictured above) or be flush mounted, so they're not immediately visible.

By having microphones throughout the room, it'll be easier to pick up the sound closest to them, so everyone is heard clearly.

More importantly, the speakers we use are designed for meeting environments. This means they're equipped with technology that extracts voices from ambient noise so only what matters come through.

In-Ceiling Speakers

When you rely on just one speaker, you end up with disproportionate sound. Those in the back of the room can hardly hear while those in front are stuck with overwhelmingly loud audio.

We can install in-ceiling speakers that will blend in perfectly with the décor. This way every corner of the room gets high-quality audio.

These in-ceiling speakers use wide dispersal. They spread out the sound throughout the room instead of sending it in one specific direction.

No one will notice when they're standing directly under a speaker. Everyone gets uniform sound at the pre-set volume you've selected.

Fine-Tuning the Room

The final step is getting all your conference room equipment working together in harmony. What does this entail?

All audio is mixed through a digital signal processor and sent through an amplifier to your in-ceiling speakers. Everything is exactly fine-tuned to the size and purpose of your room.

We’ll program acoustic echo cancelation and feedback elimination to avoid any sound distortion during important conference calls.

Finally, we'll do a testing phase to tune and calibrate everything after installation. The result is clear, convincing communications in all of your office meeting rooms.

Get more out of your video conferencing system, whether you're using Go-To-Meeting, Zoom or Google Hangouts, with a robust and comprehensive solution.