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Why Your Home Needs a Better Network Installation

Improve Speed, Reliability, Security, and Consistency with Top Quality Connectivity

Why Your Home Needs a Better Network Installation

The modern smart home relies on its network installation for a growing number of tasks; it is vital that you have a robust and secure setup. From entertainment and security to light switches and the smart refrigerator, nearly every aspect of your house communicates over your data network's wires and radio waves.

Your media room accesses ultra-high-definition content from sites like Netflix, HBO, and Disney+. More often than not, the music that plays over your whole-home audio system comes from MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), and FLAC enabled platforms like Deezer, Spotify, AmazonHD, and others. If you work from home, your Zoom and online conferences require consistent connections and the bandwidth to communicate effectively.

An improperly designed or configured system can cause you no end of trouble like lags, buffering, frequent disconnections, and even loss of data. You want connectivity that works so well you never think about it. Choosing the right integrator makes all the difference.

Are you looking for a better home network in your San Francisco, CA residence? Read below to find out more.

Home Automation That Fits Your Lifestyle

The Crestron Home Automation System Gives You Limitless Control

Home Automation That Fits Your Lifestyle

smart home is about the luxury of convenience, enhancing your lifestyle with automated tasks and personalization. Crestron is the name for providing cutting-edge home automation innovations that are intuitive to use. 

Installing a Crestron Home system allows your house to adapt to the way you live. Wake to the soft glow of your lights as the shades rise to let the daylight into your bedroom. Automatically have your music follow you, lifting your mood and energizing the day. Head to bed as the lights transition into warm colors and lesser intensity and the temperature setjust right for sleep. 

To learn more about how a Crestron automation system is right for your Woodside, CA home, read more below. 

The Customizability Of Crestron Home Automation

Control a variety of your home’s technology from one centralized location

The Customizability Of Crestron Home Automation

In this day and age of advanced technology, there are many times when you want to use your smart devices to do something rather than getting up and doing it yourself. Smart home technology from Crestron home automation allows you to control your home’s lighting, climate control, audio video control, motorized shades and more. Best of all, the customization options are endless. Read our latest blog to learn more about the customization options a Crestron home automation system in Woodside, CA, offers.

Monitor Your Energy Consumption with Savant Energy Control Modules

Smart Home Control for Your San Jose Property

Monitor Your Energy Consumption with Savant Energy Control Modules

Are you looking for ways to stay on top of all the happenings in your San Jose, CA, estate, both while you’re at home and when you’re away? Look no further than an all-encompassing smart home control solution that not only controls your main home but can also control and monitor your pool house, outdoor entertainment system, and more.

Use your mobile device or a unique touch panel to manage all of your smart home control solutions and energy consumption in one simple and easy-to-use interface.

Keep reading for more insight into how a smart home control system and energy-efficient Breaker Companion modules by Savant can make your life easier while reducing your carbon footprint.