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Give Your Office Building an Audio Video Revamp

Stunning Audiovisuals Inform and Communicate Throughout Your Company Space

Give Your Office Building an Audio Video Revamp

It doesn’t matter what size your office space is: It can certainly be hard to communicate effectively from one end of the building to the other. When you are separated by walls or even in an open-office environment, trying to send out announcements or important video files via email only gets you so far.

So, how can you make sure information and video presentations effectively reach your entire company? With a top-notch building audio video distribution system in your San Jose, CA office, you can ensure every employee hears and sees important communication no matter where they’re located.

What’s more, a building audio video distribution system enhances conference room operations and helps boost morale with easy delivery of motivational messages or company photos. We’ll dive into these many benefits and features below. Keep reading on for more!

Why You Should Consider Zoom Rooms in the New Year

Create an Efficient and Productive Space for Meetings

Why You Should Consider Zoom Rooms in the New Year

It can already be hard enough to keep most of your company meetings on track, as distractions and other work tasks take up your employees’ attention. But what about when you have people working across the city or on the other side of the globe? Your meetings will depend on videoconferencing – and you don’t have time for endless technical glitches and hiccups.

That’s why your San Jose, CA company needs Zoom Rooms for every meeting or presentation. Add efficiency and productivity to your entire workspace and create a satisfactory work environment for everyone – even those in remote offices. Want to learn more about the web-based video conferencing system by Zoom and their new 2020 offerings? Just keep reading on below.

How to Improve Productivity with Conference Room A/V

Create more alignment and efficiency as you start the second business quarter.

How to Improve Productivity with Conference Room A/V

Have your employees complained that meetings in your company take too much time? Your outdated conference room AV equipment might be to blame.

If you’re spending more than just a few seconds preparing your meeting, you’re not taking advantage of everything innovative conference room technology has to offer. For example, have you ever been late to your own presentation because you were setting up video or audio? Streamline your meeting rooms so that embarrassing situation never happens again!

What Every Business Needs to Know About Video Systems

Enhance the Communication Capabilities of Your Palo Alto, CA Company

What Every Business Needs to Know About Video Systems

Video has become an essential aspect of business operations. It connects remote employees and clients in ways that create stronger avenues of communication than ever before.

Integrated video systems foster real-time collaboration with people working in different cities, states, and countries, expanding the reach of your organization while making it more efficient. In this blog, we break down some fundamental principles that your Palo Alto, CA business needs to know if it is considering a high-performance integrated video system. Keep reading to learn more.