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A video conference system can elevate your entire company and workspace. Make communicating with employees and clients a breeze – find out more here!

The Drawbacks of DIY Video Conferencing

Why Sticking with a Professional System Installation Is Key

The Drawbacks of DIY Video Conferencing

You’ve most likely been there before or have had the recurring nightmare: You’re on an important conference call with an important client, and suddenly – your video glitches. Either it freezes, lags, or cuts out completely. Not to mention, your audio might echo, be delayed, or repeat itself to the point that the client or partner on the other side of the line ends up confused and unsure of what to do.

Don’t let these video conference system mishaps happen in your San Francisco, CA boardroom. Steering away from DIY setups and installations can keep your system running smoothly and properly in the long run. In this blog, find out why working with a professional like Western Audio Video is a must. Keep reading on below to learn what the drawbacks of setting up your system on your own are.