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2020 Wellness Trends for Your Smart Home

Bring These Biophilia Solutions to Your Lifestyle in the New Year

2020 Wellness Trends for Your Smart Home

As the new year gets into its groove, you might be checking off your resolutions daily or looking ahead to see what 2020 has in store for you. However, you might not realize just how much your home environment and atmosphere impact your lifestyle and health every day – which is why bringing new wellness trends to your smart home this year is a great resolution you might never have considered before.

It’s true: Our environments determine our state of mind and have a major effect on our mental and physical health. And as the biophilia hypothesis states, our minds and bodies crave nature.

So, how can your smart home help? What can your system do for your health this year? As a trusted Savant dealer, our team can bring smart, biophilic solutions to your Woodside, CA home that will better your lifestyle and improve your health.

Read on below to find out more about these Savant features and technologies!

Savant Smart Home Control Elevates Your Space this Holiday Season

Upgrade Security, Save Energy, and Enhance Every Festivity

Savant Smart Home Control Elevates Your Space this Holiday Season

With the holidays coming up, it can start to feel a bit hectic around the house. You might be planning a trip to visit family or preparing for a dinner party at your place. No matter how you celebrate the holidays this year, did you know that Savant smart home control can make every moment a breeze?

Improving your home security, saving you energy, and ensuring your Palo Alto, CA home is ready for any festivity is all part of what a home automation system can do for you. Keep reading on below to learn how its many features can take your home to a brand-new level this season.

How Smart Home Control Elevates Your Day-to-Day Life

What Features Does a Smart System Bring to Your Home?

How Smart Home Control Elevates Your Day-to-Day Life

Make your daily life a breeze. With smart home control and automation in your San Francisco, CA living space, you can go about your day with zero hassles. Smart technologies and features can add convenience, comfort, and security to your property, and create a welcoming and luxurious home that’s easy to manage with your own smartphone.

Elevate your entire lifestyle with these smart solutions. Want to find out more about a smart home system’s many benefits for your everyday routine? Keep reading below!

The Benefits Of An Upgraded Networking Installation

Boost The Performance Of Your San Jose, CA Home’s Network

The Benefits Of An Upgraded Networking Installation

Have you been experiencing inconsistent Internet service since giving your home a smart technology upgrade? Smart devices like TVs, wireless speakers, motorized shades, lights, thermostats, locks, and surveillance cameras all rely on your home network to function and communicate with your home automation system, which puts a lot of strain on your bandwidth.

That strain only increases as new smart appliances like refrigerators and washing machines enter the home, and if you don’t have a strong Internet connection, these devices aren’t going to operate correctly. All of these different smart home components also create new vulnerable points in your network that require fortified security measures so your family’s information isn’t at risk. A professional networking installation from the specialists at Western Audio Video gives your home a robust, secure internet connection that saves you from the headaches of spotty service. Keep reading to learn about how this service can benefit your San Jose, CA home.