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Simplify Your AV Setup with Savant Home Automation

A Whole-Home A/V System with Video over IP Will Make Your AV Setup Less Cluttered

Simplify Your AV Setup with Savant Home Automation

If you have a larger property, you likely have many televisions, speakers, and audio video equipment throughout your home. Clunky equipment and source components in each room can clutter your home's décor and ruin your interior design. There is an easier way that consolidates your video sources into one unified entertainment system that is accessible in every room from the same centralized remote control.

A whole-home A/V system with video over IP can integrate with a Savant home automation system to create a straightforward solution for your entertainment needs. Read our latest blog to learn how a Savant home automation system integrated with video over IP will make your life easier in Palo Alto, CA.

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Enjoy Your Favorite Content Everywhere

Savant home automation is a powerful automation system that can distribute video and audio signals everywhere in your home, allowing you the freedom to choose whatever content you want whatever you want to watch it in your house. Instead of having to install AV components in every room of your home, distributed video offers simplicity and efficiency. If you have satellite TV or cable, you can save money by using one satellite receiver or cable box instead of one for every television. Install a television in your outdoor space without installing source equipment, which isn't designed for the outdoors. Watch movies on a Kaleidescape movie server, your favorite Blu-ray discs, or your recorded TV shows on a DVR from any television in your home. Embrace a minimalist look without having to worry about cables, electronics boxes, and remotes cluttering your space. Control is made easy with the Savant Pro app or handheld remote. With just the touch of a button, you can play your favorite content in one room, multiple rooms, or the entire house.

Customize Your Home AV Entertainment

Using digital networking technology, video over IP sends signals over standard Cat6 networking cables to any location. Cat6 is inexpensive and easy to install throughout your home. By running a single cable for both audio and video, you have more flexibility as to where to place receiving equipment and switches. You won’t have to sacrifice quality for this convenience. Savant’s video over IP system can process 4K/60Hz signals and HDR content, allowing you to stream high-quality content from your preferred streaming service. From a single TV or projector, you can watch up to nine different sources. From the TrueControl app, take game day to the next level by streaming nine games on the same televisions, creating a video wall with only one screen. The system can be expanded to up to 128 zones, ensuring that even the largest of properties will take advantage of this system. Furthermore, Savant can customize controls to a particular room or even for a specific user so that everyone will get the most out of the system.


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