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Save Energy With Savant Home Automation

Reduce your carbon footprint and your monthly bills with intuitive smart technology

Save Energy With Savant Home Automation

Homeowners are looking for more ways to save energy in their homes and reduce their monthly bills. Some might keep lights off in empty rooms or utilize eco-modes in vital appliances, but this is only a small way you can be eco-friendly. Reduce your carbon footprint with a comprehensive solution to your home's energy management.

Savant home automation allows you to monitor your power usage effortlessly and make real-time adjustments to your home's energy usage. A Savant home automation system can save you thousands of dollars each year in energy costs. Keep reading to learn how Savant home automation will help you save energy in your San Francisco, CA home.


An Intuitive Dashboard

Savant offers advanced lighting and energy control modules that deliver individualized load-level control and utility-grade reporting of your family's energy usage to help you better manage your energy consumption. Snap these energy modules into any standard breaker panel, and you will receive detailed data reporting of usage of large appliances, pool equipment, outlet usage, and other vital electrical loads. Best of all, this data is easily accessible. View your analytics and energy data from the Savant Pro app's user-friendly interface on your smart device of choice and quickly make adjustments without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Proactive Management

Knowing your energy usage details is just the first step in reducing your energy usage and decreasing your monthly energy bills. Using this information, you can make adjustments throughout your home to maximize your energy savings. Simply open the Savant Pro app on your phone and easily manage energy loads throughout your property, transfer power over to a generator during a power outage, shut off power to equipment when you are away from home, and eliminate vampire loads from appliances that drain energy even when they are off. Save money over time and reduce your carbon footprint with proactive energy consumption monitoring.

Smart Technology Enhances Energy Usage

You can increase your energy savings even further by upgrading to LED lighting fixtures that use less power than traditional fixtures, utilize lighting automation to ensure lights aren't left on all day, install motorized shades to reduce reliance on your HVAC system, and turn off your AC or heater during the day with a smart thermostat. It is easy to manage all of these smart devices from the same intuitive interface you use to monitor your energy usage, whether you are at home or away. Create scenes that simultaneously activate several actions with just the push of a button, making it easy to adjust multiple devices at once.

Reach out to Western AV for a state-of-the-art Savant home automation installation that will allow you to take full advantage of all your connected devices. Call us at (877) 747-9447 or fill out our online contact form.

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