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Have Better Meetings from the Home Office with Crestron HomeTime

Working from Home Does Not Mean You Need to Sacrifice Quality and Intelligibility

Have Better Meetings from the Home Office with Crestron HomeTime

Whether you work from home by choice or were forced to do so during the last year, it is clear the trend has some staying power. While the increase from in-office to remote was well underway prior to 2020, improved business communication tools have helped make it possible long term. 

A recent survey of top CEOs and business founders indicated that they expected up to 70% of their workforce to remain away from the office for the next three to five years. Studies have shown that the productivity of employees has not only been maintained but also increased markedly. 

The Crestron HomeTime line of conferencing tools provides professional presentation products that integrate with your Crestron home automation system. Are you ready to communicate clearly with your teams from your Woodside, CA home as you would in person? Read more below to find out how.

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Clarity Is Key

The most critical component of a business is communication; interpersonal interactions generate new ideas and solutions. When we cannot meet in the same physical space, the platforms we use must allow us to present with a natural flow designed to operate seamlessly. 

Over the past thirteen months, several software-based collaboration products have come to prominence. These platforms have been adopted for their ease of setup, getting us online together reasonably quickly. Remarkable as the technology is, all of these products lack true professional features when used from the home office. 

It has been shown that presenters with excellent video and superior audio are viewed as more confident, informative, and authoritative. When you are heard clearly, people are more attentive to you and see your ideas as more effective. 

Built for Business, Discrete ithe Home

Crestron is renowned for its industry-leading innovation in automationand media distribution systems, creating robust products since 1972. HomeTime is based on the cutting-edge DigitalMedia distribution system. It uses standard category cabling to deliver stunning 4K UHD video, interactive presentations, and high-quality audio in luxury homes and fortune 500 conference rooms. 

At the heart of the HomeTime system is a high-quality wide-angle camera and built-in microphone array that allow you to be seen and heard from anywhere in your home office. With the simple push of a button on the Crestron remote, you can gather your team and alert your family by igniting the ‘do not disturb’ light just outside your door

Meetings Done Right

Whether installed as a stand-alone product or integrated into your existing Crestron home automation system, Western Audio Video and HomeTime will transform your home office into a professional collaboration space. 

Reach out to Western Audio Video for a state-of-the-art home office automation installation. Call us at 650-229-5507or fill out our online contact form for a free consultation.

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