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What it Takes to Build a Better Home Network Setup

A Better Network Eliminates Buffering, Enhances Your 4K Video and Protects Your Privacy

What it Takes to Build a Better Home Network Setup

Now more than ever, the data network of your home is vital. As the number of devices that rely on a connection grows, so does the need to ensure your home network setup can work reliably.  Keeping your network robust and secure requires detailed planning and management from knowledgeable installers.

With the rise of streaming content such as multiplayer games, 4K video services, and high-resolution security systems, the demands on your Woodside, CA home network are more significant than ever.

To see how expert installation from Western Audio Video can improve your smart home experience, read more below.

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Ban the Buffer

When a home network becomes overwhelmed, it causes slow page loads, delayed response in games, and the dreaded buffering messages during a movie. There are several issues that can cause a data network to stumble; understanding the root causes provides a means of resolving them. A fair amount of home network issues are directly related to streaming content; this is especially true when delivered over wireless connections.

Services such as Netflix, Amazon, and consoles like Xbox and Playstation offer 4K quality. While the video is delivered in a compressed format, the bandwidth is still considerable. Typically, streaming requires 15-35Mbps (megabytes per second) from source to destination device. If this is a simple one-source to one-device connection, the strain on a network is minimal, but a typical home has multiple locations with TV, tablets, and smartphones. As each device comes online, the bandwidth demands multiply, quickly push a system to its limits.

Superior information technology design incorporates enterprise-class tools that accommodate surges while still delivering uninterrupted media. The network is managed to prioritize types of data packets over others as needed, dynamically meeting needs.

Connection Conundrum

The most reliable connection to use is always a hard-wired port. Ethernet cable runs faster, has more bandwidth, fewer service interruptions, and is more secure. When possible, like in new builds or complete renovations, running wire is highly recommended. 

Unfortunately, it is not always possible or convenient to use a hard connection. The truth is that we live in a wireless world full of smartphones, tablets, dongles, and a universe of IoT devices. Wi-Fi, also known as 802.11, gives you freedom from wires, but it does have its limitations. 

Wi-Fi generally operates in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency range, divided into a limited number of ‘’channels.” As wireless Ethernet has grown, the allotted RF spectrum space has become congested. This density of devices results in signals having to fight their way through the haze, causing delays and disconnections. Add to this the noise and interference of your neighbor’s systems, and things can get troublesome quickly.

Our technicians survey your home and perform spectrum analysis to determine the best placement of wireless access points and channel allocation. Whether the system is RF only or a hybrid of wired and Wi-Fi, we assure you a rock-solid signal

Safe and Sound

Security is always a concern. We know that the internet is rife with nefarious characters, malware, and software, all looking to access your private data. The threat can come from across the world or from just outside your home. We take your security seriously and follow a multipronged approach in protecting your network.

The hacking of home systems has also become a significant concern. The distress over someone gaining access to your security cameras and smart devices is genuine. We implement security schemes and regular monitoring services to prevent access and review any attempts to break in. We aim to furnish you with top-level security balanced with easy access for you and your family’s devices.

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