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Is Your Presentation Space Optimized for Maximum Efficiency?

Crestron Presentation Technology Makes Your Multipurpose Space Simple to Use

Is Your Presentation Space Optimized for Maximum Efficiency?

Presentations aren’t just for communicating information. They are opportunities to show clients how your organization functions, and the way you use technology is a significant part of that operation. Does your business have a state-of-the-art system in place or are you still using a USB cable to connect a laptop to a projector? 

You don’t want to make a bad impression with outdated technology, but luckily Crestron offers a full suite of products to bring you into the modern age. Read on to learn how Crestron’s presentation technology can enhance your San Francisco company.


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Rapid Wireless Connectivity

Cut the cord with Crestron’s AirMedia 2.0, wireless presentation technology that works quickly and is easy to manage. AirMedia 2.0 has the lowest bandwidth consumption compared to other wireless services like Mersive and Barco, offering smooth video playback with synchronized sound and real-time keyboard and mouse tracking.

The AirMedia 2.0 secure endpoint works with your existing network infrastructure and can be managed remotely for mass configuration and firmware upgrades. There are multiple options available to suit your specific business needs, and we can help you find the solution that works for your current space but is also scalable for future growth.

Centralized, Customizable Control

Sometimes you need to use a cable, and Crestron’s FlipTops are a sleek addition to your presentation space allowing you to connect devices to control panels in a recessed tabletop compartment. Customize these control panels for any automated technology in your multipurpose space, including audio-visual, HVAC, lighting, and shades.

FlipTops accommodate HDMI, VGA, audio, USB, and CAT5e cables, storing them out of sight in a separate compartment that also has electrical outlets for any equipment that needs to be plugged in.

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Intuitive Multi-Display Interface

Looking to improve your company-wide communication and HD video conferencing? Crestron’s Smart Space is engineered for fast, painless setup and operation, reducing the amount of time you spend troubleshooting new technology. We load the program and use the built-in set-up pages to configure the system, providing you with a simple but sophisticated system that is immediately ready to use.

Smart Space offers flexibility and scalability, and you can count on consistent performance if it’s deployed in one presentation or many rooms across your enterprise. And like FlipTops, Smart Space features built-in integration features that allow you to control other automated functions.

You’ll wow clients and increase the productivity of your team with these Crestron products. If you’d like to learn more about how presentation technology can boost your performance, contact one of our specialists at (877) 747-9447 or by filling out our online contact form.