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Relocating Your Office? Make the Move a Breeze

We Can Help You Best Optimize Your Commercial AV Equipment and Upgrade Where Necessary

Relocating Your Office? Make the Move a Breeze

Even just the thought of relocating your San Jose, CA office can feel daunting. If you already have commercial audio video and automation systems in place and a conference room design that you’re happy with, picking up and moving your equipment doesn’t sound appealing.

Our team of experts at Western Audio Video is here to help you optimize your existing solutions and prepare your future space so you can make way for new ones. Make moving offices easier than ever with our technology professionals on your side. Learn how we can help by reading below!

Partner with Western Audio Video to Consolidate Your Office

Scale Back and Extend the Life of Your Conferencing Equipment to Save Costs Where Necessary

Partner with Western Audio Video to Consolidate Your Office

As typical workdays have been put on pause, you might be thinking of how your company will operate once everything returns to normal in San Francisco, CA. Now may be an opportune time to make plans for consolidating your office spaces and conference room AV equipment so you can save money and simplify your daily operations and communications.

It’s vital that you optimize your capital expenses and extend the longevity of your boardroom equipment where you can right now. Our AV professionals are here to help increase the value and utility of your already installed systems and technologies as well as recommend where equipment improvements would serve most beneficial for your business.

In this blog, we’ll dive into how our team can help you scale back where possible, optimize existing conference room technologies, and make improvements that will help your business be more productive and efficient down the line.

What Telecommunications Companies Are Doing for You

Learn What Services Tech Companies Are Offering During the COVID-19 Pandemic

What Telecommunications Companies Are Doing for You

In the wake of COVID-19, we are facing an unprecedented amount of change. A big component of this sea of change is in how we work, learn, and interact while maintaining social distancing. Technology has become central to our everyday interactions, and technology companies are pulling out all the stops to be relevant in the new paradigm.

Several major corporations are offering complimentary expanded access to their products to support the nation through these difficult times. Read more to learn what telecommunication systems companies are doing to keep you connected in San Mateo, CA and the rest of the world.

Connect with Loved Ones Using a Video Teleconference System

Maintain Social Distancing and Video Chat with Your Friends and Family

Connect with Loved Ones Using a Video  Teleconference System

As we maintain social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19, it has become more challenging to connect with faraway friends and family. While seeing them in person is not an option right now, a good solution is installing a video conferencing system to video chat with them from the safety of your home.

Thankfully, setting up a virtual hangout space has never been easier. Read on to learn more about setting up a video teleconference system in your San Francisco, CA home.