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Who Benefits from a Commercial Audio Video Installation?

Discover How a Distributed Audio-Video System Will Benefit Both Clients and Employees

Who Benefits from a Commercial Audio Video Installation?

Communication is an essential component of any business’s productivity. Whether you are hosting an essential business meeting, providing training for a new employee, or ensuring that your employees get the information they need, a commercial audio-video system will make collaboration simple. Plus, this solution can also help you impress potential clientele with a waiting room that is inviting and modern. Read on to learn how a commercial audio-video installation in your San Francisco-area workspace will benefit both clients and employees.



Your lobby or waiting area is the first impression your potential clients will have of your business. An outdated or unattractive lobby can drive away potential clients. If you cannot afford a complete interior renovation, one way to add style and modernity to a space is to install high-quality AV equipment that transforms the impression your lobby makes. Install 4K televisions that display essential information such as the location of certain departments, company metrics that show your business is a top performer, promotional videos that educate potential clients about your business, and TV shows to entertain your guests while they are waiting.

Audio distribution can also help you cultivate the perfect atmosphere for your business. Play enjoyable music in the waiting room to create a welcoming environment while your clients wait to meet with you. All your sources and components can be easily controlled through one intuitive interface so that you won’t have to deal with individual remotes or cluttered one-to-one setups.


commercial audio-video installation can also help your employees feel more motivated. A workspace that is monotonous can lead to a decrease in productivity. An AV system  can add variety to your space and boost the motivation of your workplace.

Play soothing music throughout your office to promote concentration and increased productivity, helping your employees to get their work done. Install digital displaysthroughout the workspace to improve communication and collaboration. Display key performance indicators, schedules of important meetings and events, employee of the month spotlights, and other vital information, so workers are kept in the loop about what is happening in the companyYou can even install a TV in the breakroom to promote relaxation during breaks, so they can unwind with a TV show and then return to work with a sense of renewal.

AV distribution makes it easy to share any content to any display or speaker system throughout your office from a centralized platform. Rather than making rounds to each display to change the content or adjust volume, simply make changes from one interface to multiple—or all—zones of your office.

Are you ready to upgrade your office space with a custom commercial audio-video installation? Western Audio Video is a trusted integrator for many businesses in the San Francisco area. All our systems are reliable and easy to use to deliver optimal performance. Our experienced staff can craft solutions to fit any business or lifestyle.Reach out to one of our experts at 650-229-550,fill out our online form, or send us a message in the live chat box below!