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Room Scheduling Systems Part 2: Optimize Your Meeting Experiences

Learn How to Best Use Crestron Room Scheduling Solutions for Various Workplace Scenarios

Room Scheduling Systems Part 2: Optimize Your Meeting Experiences

In blog one of this two-part series, we defined a Crestron room scheduling system for the workplace and discussed how it can strengthen your company’s productivity and efficiency by making it simple to locate and book meeting spaces.

In this second blog of the two-part series, we’ll explore how you can best use Crestron room scheduling solutions for various scenarios within your San Francisco, CA business. Read on to learn how to optimize your meeting experience in any space with AirMedia 2.0 technology, flexible room scheduling touch panels, and customized meeting room indicators.

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Ensure You’re Always Where You Need to Be

With Crestron AirMedia 2.0 technology as part of your room scheduling system, you and your staff will always know whether you’re in the right place at the right time. AirMedia 2.0 connects your calendaring platform to the meeting room so your staff can instantly see meeting details and simple wireless presentation instructions on the display as soon as they walk in.

Additionally, AirMedia 2.0 makes wireless digital presentations simple, consistent, and intuitive to navigate once you’re in the room and ready for your meeting. There’s no more wasting valuable time figuring out how to get the technology in the room to work when you implement an AirMedia 2.0 presentation system into your various meeting spaces.

Go Beyond the Conference Room

The collaborative workplace is designed with employees’ comfort and flexibility in mind, which means not all meeting spaces are traditional conference rooms. Your staff may also meet in open-air huddle spaces, lobbies, or cafés. Crestron provides flexible scheduling solutions for any meeting area.

Open Spaces

Position Crestron room scheduling touch panels and room availability indicators in open areas like cafeterias or breakrooms to turn a more comfortable environment into a meeting space. On a mounted display nearby, you can easily deploy meeting details as you would in a conference room with an AirMedia 2.0 presentation system.


Non-Reservable Spaces

Some meetings spaces are used without scheduling, but you and your staff still need to find them easily. By integrating a room occupancy sensor with a room availability indicator, these non-reservable spaces suddenly become easy to find. Once a person walks in to use the space, the associated room availability indicator will turn red. Likewise, when they leave, the indicator will immediately turn green.

Choose the Right Indicator for Each Meeting Space

Crestron offers multiple room availability indicators so you can select the one that best suits your workplace architecture or décor. Mix and match for different rooms or open areas, and even go beyond green and red by customizing your occupancy and vacancy colors.

For enhanced contrast and visibility from a distance, choose Crestron’s SSW or SSC indicators, which mount either to the wall or ceiling above your room scheduling touch panel and can be custom engraved to represent the respective room number or room name. For a lower-profile solution, opt for Crestron’s SIW indicator, which provides status indication in a compact yet highly visible package.

Explore all the Crestron room availability indicators available by watching the following video:

Which Crestron Room Availability Indicator is Right for Me? from Crestron Electronics, Inc. on Vimeo.


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