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Room Scheduling Systems Part 1: A Smart Way to Collaborate at Work

The Crestron Room Scheduling Platform Connects the Right People to the Right Spaces

Room Scheduling Systems Part 1: A Smart Way to Collaborate at Work

Meetings are important—if done well. Face-to-face communication within a fast-paced and dispersed workplace is vital to the success of your business. With a Crestron room scheduling system, you’ll have the tools you need to get the right people to the right spaces at the right time, making your workplace more efficient and connected from top to bottom.

In this first blog of a two-part series, we’ll define a Crestron room scheduling system and explore how it can strengthen your company’s productivity and efficiency by making it simple to locate and book meeting spaces within your San Jose, CA workplace.

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What Is a Room Scheduling System?

A Crestron room scheduling system is a productivity tool for organizations with multiple conference rooms and huddle spaces throughout their workplace. Made up of customizable touchscreen panels, scheduling software, and illuminated room availability indicators, a Crestron room scheduling system provides a convenient solution for locating and booking meeting spaces in a matter of seconds.

Sleek and intuitive Crestron touch panels mount on the walls outside each meeting space and connect directly to popular calendaring platforms like Office 365 and G Suite so you can book impromptu meetings or search for and book spaces based on location, number of attendees, and type of meeting.

How Does a Room Scheduling System Work?

When a meeting space is available, an LED indicator on the respective touch panel—or on a wall-mounted LED hallway sign—will display a bright green. When a meeting space is in use, the LED indicator will shine red. All it takes is a quick glance down the hallway to determine the status of any meeting space.

Each touch panel displays room availability for the entire day, as well as details for active or upcoming meetings in that specific room. If a meeting space is available for the time you need, you can book the room on the spot with just one tap on the touch panel. Alternatively, you can scroll through the room calendar to confirm upcoming meetings or find open timeslots that work best for you.

Though the Crestron room scheduling system works with multiple scheduling software applications, you can take advantage of exclusive features when you opt for the built-in Crestron Fusion scheduling software. For example, use the associated Crestron PinPoint mobile app to instantly display available meeting rooms on any floor of your building. Crestron Fusion also allows you to reserve a timeslot for a nearby room on the network, easily extend your meeting time, or end the reservation early.

Why Should You Invest in a Room Scheduling System?

Effective meetings are vital to the success of your business, but trying to gather the right people to the right spaces at the right time can be a wasted effort. A Crestron room scheduling system helps streamline meeting logistics so that your team knows exactly when to meet and where.

In a dynamic workplace, finding a proper meeting space at a moment’s notice is critical to keeping your workflow moving at the right speed. You’ll no longer experience delayed or pushed meetings, have a better understanding of the types of meetings being conducted throughout your building, and know just how often teams are huddling up to collaborate on important projects. A Crestron room scheduling system puts smarter tools in your hands to help you get your work done.

Stay tuned for blog two of this two-part series, where we’ll discuss how to best use a Crestron room scheduling system for various scenarios within your workplace. To learn more about the basics of a Crestron room scheduling system or how to incorporate one into your workplace, contact our certified Crestron dealers by calling (650) 680-3875, filling out our online contact form, or sending us a live chat below now.