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How to Improve Productivity with Conference Room A/V

Create more alignment and efficiency as you start the second business quarter.

How to Improve Productivity with Conference Room A/V

Have your employees complained that meetings in your company take too much time? Your outdated conference room AV equipment might be to blame.

If you’re spending more than just a few seconds preparing your meeting, you’re not taking advantage of everything innovative conference room technology has to offer. For example, have you ever been late to your own presentation because you were setting up video or audio? Streamline your meeting rooms so that embarrassing situation never happens again!

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Engaging Audio

Bringing innovative audio equipment like in-ceiling and in-wall speakers to your Crestron AV setup will cut out the boardroom clutter and also fully immerse your audience in any presentation, which can then lead to productive collaboration. We can add hidden speakers throughout the room to offer a surround-sound effect that makes callers feel as though they’re right there in your office.

How do you want to control your audio? We can divide your sound into distinct zones that you can control via touchpads throughout your office. Designated employees can even access your AV equipment remotely.

Vivid Visuals

Ready to wow prospects with your presentation? You’ll convey more professionalism when you connect and share your screen instantly through a conferencing system like Crestron’s Flex M100.

Pair cutting-edge conference room equipment with a crisp, crystal-clear picture, and you’re guaranteed to impress. We install many of Sony’s exceptional 4K TVs and projectors.

No matter which you prefer, we can evaluate your needs and measure your space during our initial consultation to see which display best suits your conference room.

Exceptional Teamwork

Executives never want to limit themselves to local-only partnerships or employees, so they have to prepare. When you can select from the most talented candidates and the most valuable clients, nothing should stop you.

But what does a wider professional network mean for you? You probably need to bring more effective video conferencing equipment into your office so you’re just a couple clicks away from reaching all these key contacts.

Crestron Mercury allows you to press one button to start video conference calls from a tabletop solution. It also features a basic microphone, camera and built-in speaker configuration, and also natively supports popular chat services like Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams. It also consumes the least bandwidth, which guarantees fewer lags during these important meetings.

To learn more about preparing your Woodside, CA, office for the future with conference room A/V equipment, reach out to our experts by calling (877) 747-9447, filling out our online contact form, or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.

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