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A Guide to Upgrading Your Video Conferencing Equipment

Improve the Quality of Your Meetings with Conferencing Technology

A Guide to Upgrading Your Video Conferencing Equipment

Office environments have dramatically changed over the past decade with the rise of smart devices that function as multifaceted work tools and high-definition video conferencing equipment. These new developments in technology allow companies to connect more thoroughly with remote employees. Video conferencing allows for more personal interactions for both your off-site employees and clients, and the latest technology offers a variety of features designed to make your staff work more efficiently.

Read on for a guide on video conferencing equipment and the benefits it can offer your San Francisco business.




What Can Video Conferencing Equipment Do?

At its core, video conferencing equipment is intended to connect your business with anyone around the world and facilitate a conversation that is as close to physically being in the same room as possible. A video conferencing system provides streamlined, protected access for employees and clients, with managing tools that make it easy to monitor activity, pull up details about specific calls, and adjust security permission.

Versatility is essential for today's dynamic workspaces, and you want video conferencing equipment that can connect with any type of video system, laptop, or smart device and can be scaled up or down depending on how your business changes in the future. Scheduling integration keeps everyone in the loop about recurring meetings, and a system with screen share and live chat capabilities adds new ways to communicate and share ideas.


What Does Your Business Need?

As you can see, there are a lot of different options when it comes to configuring your conferencing system. The first step in determining the right solution for your office is to answer critical questions about your business's process, employees, and meeting demands. How many different locations have to be connected, and how many meeting spaces are in your office?

Once we know the details of your business operations, we’ll put together a video conferencing system that connects your office in exciting new ways. We can also integrate your video conferencing tools into your larger commercial automation system, so you’ll have quick access and one-touch control of these different technologies.




Can Your Network Handle It?

Meetings and presentations are key aspects of how your business interacts with the rest of the world, and connectivity issues can negatively affect how others perceive your company. Dropped calls and choppy video are a hassle to deal with, and they likely occur because your office’s network is overloaded. Your network technology plays a significant role in the performance of your video conferencing equipment, and we’ll make sure that it’s strong enough to effortlessly carry your communications with security measures that protect your information.


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