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Enhance Your Office with Super Bright 4K Projection

Take the Presentation System of Your San Jose Office to the Next Level

Enhance Your Office with Super Bright 4K Projection

Most offices use projectors for their conference rooms, but many require dark rooms for the best visibility. This can be an inconvenience for various reasons. You need shades or blinds to block out exterior light and turning the lights off in the room can affect the engagement of your staff and clients.

Lights keep people alert, and you don’t want them checking out during your morning meetings because they’re groggy, the lights are dimmed, and the blinds are down. You want your employees to take notes during meetings, but that can be difficult when the primary light source in the room is point toward a single wall.

The solution for these issues is a presentation system built around a super bright 4K projector, which delivers the highest quality picture in a fully lit room. Read on to find out how this technology can upgrade your San Jose, CA office.

Is Your Presentation Space Optimized for Maximum Efficiency?

Crestron Presentation Technology Makes Your Multipurpose Space Simple to Use

Is Your Presentation Space Optimized for Maximum Efficiency?

Presentations aren’t just for communicating information. They are opportunities to show clients how your organization functions, and the way you use technology is a significant part of that operation. Does your business have a state-of-the-art system in place or are you still using a USB cable to connect a laptop to a projector? 

You don’t want to make a bad impression with outdated technology, but luckily Crestron offers a full suite of products to bring you into the modern age. Read on to learn how Crestron’s presentation technology can enhance your San Francisco company.

3 Ways Integrated AV Takes Pressure Off Tech Managers

Improve Business Communications with These Enterprise Network Solutions

3 Ways Integrated AV Takes Pressure Off Tech Managers

It’s Monday morning and you have your business team gathered for a meeting breaking down the week’s goals. Employees at the office assemble in the conference room, while those working remotely connect through video conferencing software. The meeting begins, but the video isn’t working. You switch over to another program, but now there are sound issues. You’re losing valuable company time trying to get everything to function correctly, and eventually you must call your company’s tech manager, which eats up more time as you wait for the problems to be solved. 

You can eliminate the hassle by turning to an AV integrator with experience in enterprise network solutions, making your San Jose business run smoother and easing the stress on your tech managers. Read on to learn about three ways to optimize your productivity with audiovisual systems on a centralized network.