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Articles tagged with: enterprise network

How to Create a Successful Teleconference System

Learn How a Network Installation Can Improve Business Communications

How to Create a Successful Teleconference System

Your teleconference system is used for communication with clients and employees, but it’s also an indicator of how well your company operates. Does your company use an interface that is easy for everyone to use, or are people struggling to access conference calls? Your teleconferencing system is a major part of how your company presents itself to the rest of the world, and with a professional network installation, you’ll gain a strong, reliable connection across all of your integrated technology.

Keep reading to learn how a network installation from Western Audio Video can boost the performance of your San Francisco, CA office’s teleconferencing system.

How Do Multimedia Educational Tools Enrich Students’ Lives?

With Evolving Technology, It’s Time for the Classroom to Get an Upgrade

How Do Multimedia Educational Tools Enrich Students’ Lives?

The classroom is evolving just as quickly as every other workspace, and the rise of automated technology has changed how students interact with presentations and assignments.

Don't let your San Jose school get stuck in the past with outdated technology and equipment that fails to engage students on a higher level. The younger generation is extremely tech-savvy, and their classrooms should take advantage of their knowledge to increase participation and information absorption.

Interested in learning how the latest multimedia education tools can upgrade your classroom? Read on to find out.