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How to Create a Successful Teleconference System

Learn How a Network Installation Can Improve Business Communications

How to Create a Successful Teleconference System

Your teleconference system is used for communication with clients and employees, but it’s also an indicator of how well your company operates. Does your company use an interface that is easy for everyone to use, or are people struggling to access conference calls? Your teleconferencing system is a major part of how your company presents itself to the rest of the world, and with a professional network installation, you’ll gain a strong, reliable connection across all of your integrated technology.

Keep reading to learn how a network installation from Western Audio Video can boost the performance of your San Francisco, CA office’s teleconferencing system.




Bring Your Technology Together

In 2016, Zoom introduced native interoperability with Microsoft Skype for Business, bringing the robust features of Zoom teleconferencing to the large number of enterprise businesses who use Microsoft’s technology. But in order to make this system run in any environment and across all communication platforms, you need a technology integrator that understands how to connect your teleconferencing to a larger commercial control system. This is where you want the expertise of Western Audio Video.

We design, install, wire, program, and monitor extensive commercial automation systems that give you complete control over telecommunications in addition to a variety of smart technologies in your office. Our brand partner, Crestron, features the Skype Room System, a commercial solution that delivers HD audio and video to meeting and conference rooms. This is linked to a Crestron system that can also access your office's lighting, motorized shades, A/V components, climate control, and security system, and unify all these individual systems with an intuitive control interface.


Fortify Your Network

If you've experienced poor audio and video quality in your conference calls, you most likely need to look at your network and determine if your Internet connection can handle all the stress that is put on it by your employees' computers and smartphones, as well as your office's automated devices. Our network installation services test the strength of your connection and provide solutions to ensure that all of your devices receive a strong Internet signal that is protected from potential threats.   

Businesses are common targets for cyber-criminals, and hacking an office’s network and server gives them access to confidential company data, employee information, and client records. Security should always be a top priority, and you want to guarantee that your office’s communications haven’t been compromised. Sensitive information is shared in these meetings, and files are sent through teleconferencing interfaces.

A professional network installation sets up multi-tiered firewalls and intrusion prevention systems to safeguard your office communications. And our monitoring services let you know immediately if there are any cyber-attacks on your business.


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