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How Do Multimedia Educational Tools Enrich Students’ Lives?

With Evolving Technology, It’s Time for the Classroom to Get an Upgrade

How Do Multimedia Educational Tools Enrich Students’ Lives?

The classroom is evolving just as quickly as every other workspace, and the rise of automated technology has changed how students interact with presentations and assignments.

Don't let your San Jose school get stuck in the past with outdated technology and equipment that fails to engage students on a higher level. The younger generation is extremely tech-savvy, and their classrooms should take advantage of their knowledge to increase participation and information absorption.

Interested in learning how the latest multimedia education tools can upgrade your classroom? Read on to find out.


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Multi-Touch Interactive Whiteboards

A whiteboard that also functions as an electronic display would have been the stuff of fantasy in the past. But as touchscreen equipment becomes easier to produce, install, and operate, interactive whiteboards are becoming more commonplace in the classroom.

Interactive whiteboards feature wireless capability and work with IOS, Android, Windows, and OS X platforms, making it easy for teachers and students to pair their devices with the whiteboard. Split-screen modes allow multiple people to transmit their mobile screens, making group presentations interactive and engaging.

Some interactive whiteboards have their own wireless hotspots, so they don't have to connect to a larger network which may pose security risks. This creates more secure connections when people pair their devices.

And if you’re looking for a traditional whiteboard that you can write and draw on, direct drawing functions allow you to use the technology just like the analog version.


Automatic Recording for Lecture Presentations

Students no longer have to share their notes with their absent classmates. Lecture recording has become very popular, not only helping students catch up on things they may have missed, but also helping schools evaluate the performance of their teachers.

For higher education institutions with a large umber of online students, lecture recording is essential to their education, and schools can also leverage this content for extra income by selling individual lectures on specific topics for people who aren't enrolled. This also serves as excellent publicity for the school, showing the rest of the world how classes are conducted.

Advanced lecture capture technology records the speaker with automated cameras that recognize their location thanks to a laser field at the front of the classroom. This provides high-quality, dynamic recording without a human operator, minimizing the school’s labor costs.


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Mobile Control and Monitoring

New technology poses interesting challenges for harmonizing different moving pieces, but that also creates new opportunities for effective supervision. The networking and automation of a multimedia educational software system can be controlled through a mobile app, so you don’t have to be in an AV room to operate and monitor technology.


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