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Are Your Networking Solutions Business Ready?

Discover How Enterprise-Class Systems Protect You and Your Clients

Are Your Networking Solutions Business Ready?

The data network is the critical infrastructure of any business. Networks carry financial transactions, sensitive correspondences, and proprietary product plans. Unfortunately, many seek to gain access to this information, causing damage to your business and your clients’ trust. You need more protection than one-off, out-of-the-box solutions.

Gartner's research uncovered that the average loss due to inadequate security and poor network operations costs businesses as much as 14.2 million annually. Put another way, that is 30 cents of every dollar made.

Our enterprise-class networking solutions provide security and performance beyond consumer grade. Utilizing advanced hardware and software tools stops intrusions before they get a chance by identifying suspicious activity as it happens. To discover how our expert team of IT designers and installers can protect your San Francisco, CA business, continue reading below.

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A Cornucopia Of Threats

Network threats come in multiple forms and at all levels of business communications. Having a familiarity with the necessary methods can go a long way in helping you prepare and respond.

While pulp books and movies portray hackers using fancy cryptography tools full of scrolling code and blinking LED lights, the truth is usually a far more straightforward affair. The vast majority of all phishing, malware, and ransomware criminals gain access from an unsuspecting employee clicking on a link from an email.

To adequately protect your company, we implement a multilevel protection scheme. This system filters out suspect emails, searches for the tell-tale signs of intrusion, manages who has access and what data is available.

Prepare, Prevent, Protect 

When implemented and managed correctly, several hardware and software solutions can cut your exposure dramatically.

Remote workers are a growing concern as they connect via home, or worse, public networks that are well known to host hackers. Adding a few intermediary steps may make connecting a bit more complicated, but the protection it offers is well worth it.

Keep It To Yourselves

Connecting through a virtual private network (VPN) furnishes a secure tunnel between a computer and your business network. The VPN provider anonymizes all connections, so it is harder for any nefarious types to tag along. In addition, a firewall, a device that examines packet traffic and blocks those deemed dangerous, acts as the first line of defense. 

A managed switch is an enterprise-class network management tool that creates a more tailored network configuration. It can make smaller networks off the main one, manage how data types are routed, which clients have access to what information, and prioritize data based on service rules.

Wired vs. Wireless 

Wireless networks offer the convenience and simplicity of connecting network-capable devices over a radio frequency (RF). But the fact that they communicate over the air makes them susceptible.

Many off-the-shelf Wi-Fi routers default to security schemes that furnish ease of connection over multi-step prevention. Upgrading to routers that enable the latest Wi-Fi 6 protocols sets you up for increased performance and protection.  

Networks Built For Business

Your company relies on data to progress and grow revenue. Are you ready to upgrade to a system that exceeds expectations and offers unlimited flexibility? Call us at 650-680-3872 or fill out our online contact form to start the conversation.