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Is a Wired or Wireless Network Installation Best for Your Business?

Most businesses rely on a hybrid network installation to get the best of both worlds

Is a Wired or Wireless Network Installation Best for Your Business?

Businesses across the country are becoming increasingly reliant on their commercial networks to function, especially as communication has shifted primarily online through teleconferencing with coworkers and clients. If you need reliable service from the connected devices in your business, you need a professionally installed, reliable network that supports all of your needs. But what kind of network is best for your business? Keep reading to learn if your business in San Mateo, CA, needs a wired or wireless networking installation.


Wired Networks

wired network connects all your devices to the internet using Ethernet cables. A professional will install these cables inside your walls and under your floors to protect them from damage, increase the reliability of the connection, and minimize the impact on the interior design of your space. Wired networks are more secure than wireless networks because a physical connection is needed to gain access. They also offer a faster and more consistent connection because everything is connected directly via wires, so there is no wireless interference between signals.

The main downside of wired connections is that you lose the flexibility to move your connected devices around the office space. Plus, you’ll likely need a professional there for any maintenance. Should any connectivity issues arise, an expert will have to access your wiring, which could cost more than a wireless network repair (which can often happen remotely). However, because quality wires are secured behind walls and made of high-quality material, they are hard to damage, and repairs are less frequent. 

Wireless connections may be the trend right now, but businesses still require wired connections for critical operations, especially as telecommunication needs grow.

Wireless Networks

That being said, businesses are also becoming increasingly reliant on a robust wireless network. Tablets, smartphones, laptops, and more are normal pieces of modern business, so having a network that utilizes Wi-Fi signals to connect these devices is vital to your operations and management.

The office environment is flexible and fast-paced, requiring the need for staff to move around and communicate with others throughout the workplace. As they roam from room to room, their laptops, smartphones, and tablets should stay securely connected to the wireless network so that no important work or information is lost.

Keep in mind that wireless systems can be susceptible to attacks. Working with a professional can help to safeguard your business. Strong passwords, network authentication, anti-virus software, firewalls, and more will be installed on every connected device to ensure that no unauthorized person gains access to your network.


Both types of networks are essential to your business in the San Mateo, CA, area. Western Audio Video will help you install a secure, hybrid networking system that can support a wide variety of needs. Enhance your efficiency and reduce downtime by coming to us for a free consultation. Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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