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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Your Conference Room

Prepare a Future-Forward Conference Room with Proper AV Solutions

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Your Conference Room

In this ever-evolving age of IoT, your conference room should be much more than just a table and some chairs. Rather, think of it as an incubator for your business’ next great ideas. It’s a space that facilitates growth, operational efficiency, productive collaboration, and creativity to help move your company forward.

However, your conference room can only serve its purpose if it’s properly designed and equipped with the right technologies. Placing a table in the center of the room with surrounding chairs and a TV in the corner isn’t enough anymore.

Think it may be time for a conference room makeover in your Palo Alto, CA office? Read below for three common mistakes to avoid when upgrading your conference room AV as well as ways to remedy them.

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Mistake 1: Selecting an Ineffective Display Size

As the workforce becomes more dispersed due to flexible schedules and remote work that enable us to pick and choose our locations, business meetings are becoming increasingly virtual. That means the TV display in your conference room needs to be a central part of the design.

Your TV display should be placed in a location that prevents viewers from craning their necks, but it also should not dominate the room. The best screen size allows the image to be large enough so that those in the back of the conference room can read any text, but it shouldn’t be so big that it overpowers those sitting in the front.

As a general guideline, the screen height should be three to six times the distance between the furthest seat and the screen. That means if the furthest seat is eighteen feet from the screen, your display should be at least three to six feet high.

Mistake 2: Making Audio an Afterthought

You may be thinking, “But the TV display I chose for my conference room came with built-in speakers, right?” Sure, that’s true. But incorporating a high-quality audio system in your conference room and throughout your office does infinitely more for your business efficiency than a TV speaker could ever do.

An audio distribution system ensures professional, top-notch sound for your conference room no matter the source. Say goodbye to annoying audio feedback, volume fluctuations, interference, and other distracting elements that interrupt otherwise productive meetings. With properly placed in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, you’ll experience clear, even sound that won’t disrupt your employees or clients.

A little planning goes a long way when you incorporate an audio distribution system in your conference room. A professional system makes it easy for you to access any audio source, from streaming music to audio on your TV displays, and more, from one intuitive interface on a keypad, tablet, or smart device.

Mistake 3: Installing Fixed Lighting

When your lighting is too harsh, it can drain the energy out of the conference room and cause staff and clients to become irritable. But dull lighting is also a culprit for unproductive meetings and drowsy attendees.

Find middle ground with a smart lighting system that enables you to control the level and quality of lighting throughout your conference room at any given time. If you like to use natural lighting during the day, dim your overhead lights to a lull and brighten them as the day turns to evening. When you’re ready to give a presentation, dimming your lights is also a great solution for creating an optimal viewing experience for your staff and clients.

What’s more, a smart lighting system allows you to put your lights on a schedule and change their intensity. You can even set your lights to an astronomical time-clock so that they change intensity throughout the day to complement your conference room’s natural lighting without having to change the lights yourself.

As a leader of your company, you spend a lot of time in your conference room. Make sure it’s set up to empower your meetings and boost collaboration across staff and clientele. Our team at Western Audio Video can help transform your conference room with the latest technology so that you’re future-ready. Get started today by contacting us here or sending a live chat below to talk to a team member now.

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