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Unify Your Conference Room Systems and Solutions with Crestron

A Crestron Installer Centralizes Business Operations

Unify Your Conference Room Systems and Solutions with Crestron

A conference room shouldn’t be a hectic or chaotic space. This area is where you conduct important meetings, deliver informative presentations, or hold brainstorming sessions that propel your business forward. So, how can you ensure your conference rooms encourage productivity instead of delaying or interrupting meetings with technical issues?

Our Crestron installers at Western Audio Video can deliver a centralized conference room solution that unifies your whole Woodside, CA office. Want to learn more about these smart commercial features from Crestron and how they can elevate your work environment? Keep reading below for more.

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Crestron Unified Communications Solutions

Crestron’s goal is to make every aspect of your business operations accessible. When you’re utilizing your conference rooms, your spaces should be adaptable and flexible to your needs – no matter the size of your rooms or what the setting is.

With Crestron Flex Unified Communications, you can rely on technology that benefits you and your employees, and never hinders your work performance. The main word to describe Crestron Flex is “easy.” It simplifies every part of a conference room call, meeting, or presentation. With one tap on your smart handheld or tabletop conferencing device, you can set up the room for any situation.

Whether you use Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you can integrate the systems you already have in place for no-hassle centralized conference rooms that effortlessly bridge the gap between all your technologies.

Enjoy clear audio and top-quality video streaming that ensures no conference calls get interrupted with awkward delays or buffering. You can even make booking a boardroom or huddle room easy, as a touchscreen outside the room can display who is using the space at what time – and allows you to schedule your spot right then and there.

A Trusted Professional Team

Bringing Crestron technology to your company is a game-changer – but so is working with a trusted Crestron installer. Our team of technology professionals has expert knowledge on what does and doesn’t work in a commercial space, and can recommend specific, reliable products and features for your whole building. We’re there to answer every question and address any concerns you might have while providing you with an outline of your installation from start to finish.

From the beginning to the end, you’ll be completely involved in the process. We’ll make sure everyone onboard the project stays in the loop and on the same page, from architects and designers – to you, the client. Our team aims to give you the result you have envisioned all along.

A conference room should promote productivity and motivate every participant. This boost in morale and efficiency is what Crestron commercial solutions bring to the table.

Want to learn more about working with a Crestron installer like Western Audio Video on your next project? Feel free to give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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