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Office AV Solutions for The Ultimate Videoconferencing Setup

Upgrade Your Videoconferencing Technology to Improve Communication

Office AV Solutions for The Ultimate Videoconferencing Setup

Office spaces need to be updated with the latest AV technology and systems to effectively perform their everyday functions. In particular, conferencing technology should be top of mind for office managers. Videoconferencing might not be a novel idea, but recent developments and innovations have streamlined the setup to optimize meetings in your San Francisco, CA office. Here are a few office AV solutions you should consider to improve your videoconferencing setup and communication.



A laptop webcam will not be suitable to support multiple individuals in a meeting which is why we recommend getting a high-quality standalone camera solution that can ensure all the participants are properly visible in your conference room. When choosing a camera, we recommend wide angle high-resolution cameras that will help encompass everyone in the room effectively. 


You also need to have a suitably sized display screen to get the maximum impact out of the meeting and properly view every chart and presentation clearly so everyone can collaborate. As per our experience, a 4k TV or projector system will be sufficient to meet the needs of conference rooms. In some cases it may be worthwhile to include multiple displays to accommodate your company needs. 


Visuals provide only half the picture, which is why you need to have an integrated microphone and speaker system that sends and receives crisp audio without any lag. If you're looking to create a greater effect, we'd recommend avoiding speaker phones and instead using microphone arrays and in-ceiling speakers for distortion-free sound.

The Complete Setup

When you're setting up a video conferencing system, there are two ways you can go about it. Either you customize your setup and opt for individual audio, video, and software required for the system, or you can go with an all-in-one system that effectively meets all your basic needs. 

We've already taken a look at some of the individual components that you can use to create your own setup, but if you're looking for a no-fuss solution, the Polycom studio x30 or the Polycom studio x50 are pioneers in providing video conferencing services.

Their office AV technology can help you set up a smart conference room without requiring an external desktop or laptop to manage the video conference. The primary difference between the Polycom studio X30 and the Polycom studio X50 is the number of participants you wish to have as the X30 can host up to six while the X50 can be used in larger rooms and be suitable for up to 10 participants with a higher camera zoom and an additional speaker.

If you want to learn more about AV technology that can help modernize your office with a video conferencing system, Western AV can help you get started, just call us at (877) 747-9447 or fill out our online contact form.