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Why You Should Trust a Professional to Install Your Projector

A Crestron Automation Professional Ensures Proper Placement and Easy Functionality for Your Business Displays

Why You Should Trust a Professional to Install Your Projector

Technical difficulties can derail any presentation. Prevent downtime and troubleshooting by installing an intuitive audio-video system. When you pair a Crestron automation system with a high-quality projector and screen, your presentations will be seamless. Learn why you should trust a Crestron automation professional with your projector installation for your business in  Palo Alto, CA.


Projector Placement

The first thing that you need to do is decide where the projector screen will be installed. The bottom of the screen should hang two to three feet from the ground to ensure that it is within eye level, but the exact location will depend on the chairs' height and the overall layout of the room. You must select a projector that is compatible with your projection screen. Most projectors support high-quality imaging for up to 100 inches. Still, your projector screen, projector, and video content all need to be in the same aspect ratio for everything to work.

After you select your projector, you must determine the throw distance, or the distance between the screen and the projector, that is specific to each projector model. The throw distance is represented by a number called the throw ratio over the screen width. For example, a ratio of 2:1 means that the distance between the projector and the screen should be double the width of the screen. A smaller throw ratio indicates that the projector will produce a larger image at a shorter distance. Placing it at another distance can cause the image to become pixelated or too small.

Other factors might affect the projector placement in real-world settings, however. Conventional projector lamps require a fan within the projector to manage the heat they generate, so if the fan is noisy, it should not be placed directly above the seating as it might be too distracting. The location of outlets might also affect placement. Finally, projectors have settings to compensate for when the projector is not completely level with the screen, allowing some degree of flexibility. All are essential aspects to consider, and a professional like Western Audio Video can help you through every step of the planning process.

The Process

No matter the scope of your project, all installations begin with a site survey. For simple projects that include existing hardware, the planning can start with a phone call. For more complex projects, our technicians will come out and examine the site. The scope of your project will determine what equipment will be needed; for example, installing a projector in a conference room is much different than installing a projector in every room in a conference center.

After the site survey, we will work with you to create the perfect plan for your project. We will determine the type of mount for the projector, whether cabling should be run through the walls, and where the projector and projector screen will hang. Our technicians will then mount and connect your hardware, run cabling as needed, and then test your system to test functionality.

We’ll also integrate your displays with your Crestron automation system so that control is effortless from one intuitive interface. You’ll be able to adjust your lights, shades, thermostats, and AV equipment at the press of a button to prepare your boardroom for a training session, client meeting, and more. With a tap, your projector screen will lower, and your projector will power on—with no need for you to recalibrate anything. Plus, no more hassling with cluttered components, wires, and plugs.

Want to learn more about a professional projector installation for your business? Western Audio Video is the premier Crestron automation dealer and projector installation expert in your area! Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you.