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What Every Business Needs to Know About Video Systems

Enhance the Communication Capabilities of Your Palo Alto, CA Company

What Every Business Needs to Know About Video Systems

Video has become an essential aspect of business operations. It connects remote employees and clients in ways that create stronger avenues of communication than ever before.

Integrated video systems foster real-time collaboration with people working in different cities, states, and countries, expanding the reach of your organization while making it more efficient. In this blog, we break down some fundamental principles that your Palo Alto, CA business needs to know if it is considering a high-performance integrated video system. Keep reading to learn more.


One-Size-Fits-All Doesn’t Cut It

There are a lot of video conferencing solutions available for your business, and many companies offer one-size-fits-all technology that is quick to implement but might not satisfy all the needs of your company. To determine the best integrated video system, you want to make sure that you know how it's going to be used.

How many employees will it be servicing? Do you need video for smaller conference calls or large-scale meetings that bring in employees from all over the globe? Will you be using your conferencing technology to share information like media, spreadsheets, and high-security data?

The first part of a commercial video project is the discovery, when we ask you questions like these to learn how we can craft a solution that is customized to deliver exactly what your company needs.

Interior Design Affects Video Quality

There are a lot of design factors to consider to get the optimal performance from your integrated video system. Think of how a TV show recording set is lit and painted so that people can be seen clearly on camera. Textured wall coverings work very well, and if you’re painting, then choosing muted colors will help team members be more visible during video conferencing.

A smaller microphone is usually fine for small groups of people, but for larger spaces, you’ll want multiple microphones that are kept far apart to prevent any interference. Keep microphones away from any noise sources like projector fans or computers, which may not sound very loud in the room, but can be obtrusive to the people on the other end of the video call.

With a commercial automation system, you can take control of lighting and motorized shades to get the ideal brightness, and set specific scenes that automatically adjust the technology to suit the event, whether it’s a presentation or a conference call.

To learn more about adding integrated video systems to your Palo Alto, CA office, reach out to our experts by calling (877) 747-9447, filling out our online contact form, or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.