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Use Commercial Audio Video to Boost Your Restaurant’s Profits

Find Out How Commercial Technology Can Elevate Your San Francisco Restaurant

Use Commercial Audio Video to Boost Your Restaurant’s Profits

Commercial technology introduces new possibilities for business growth, and your San Francisco restaurant can significantly benefit from commercial audio video solutions. Adding digital signage, interactive touchscreens, and high-performance audio increases advertising effectiveness, encourages customer engagement, and amplifies the atmosphere so guests will want to come back with more friends. 

Read on to learn the different ways commercial audio video can boost your San Francisco restaurant's profits by influencing the behavior of potential patrons and creating an optimal experience for guests.


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Grab Attention with Digital Signage

Digital signage is proven to boost sales because it offers dynamic advertising that is more likely to grab the attention of passersby. These signs are capable of providing far more information about your restaurant than a static printed ad, allowing you to play a slideshow of your dishes and cocktails or videos that describe your restaurant, highlight the décor, and show how the kitchen operates.


Create a Welcoming Ambiance

The atmosphere of your restaurant plays an important part in your guests’ enjoyment of their dining experience, and commercial audio and video plays a huge part in creating a specific aesthetic, both visually and aurally. 

You want to find the perfect music that complements the style of your restaurant as well as the flavors of your food, and with streaming services, you can find the audio you need with access to millions of songs. 

Easily control the volume so that it can be heard in any size crowd without being too overbearing, and change the music in different parts of the restaurant if different events are happening at the same time.


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Engage Guests with Interactive Touchscreens

Happy patrons aren't just going to spend more money at your restaurant; they're going to tell more people about their positive experience which brings you even more traffic in the future. Their experience at your restaurant includes how long they’re waiting, but you can use commercial audio video to make that time entertaining and useful to the dining experience. 

Interactive touchscreens can give patrons games that they can play together while they wait, which helps create a communal atmosphere that will enrich their meal. These can also be programmed with menus, image galleries, and videos that spotlight your cuisine, cocktails, and kitchen to educate your customers before they sit down. 

Use an interactive touchscreen display to give guests the opportunity to order drinks and food while they wait for a table, which helps increase table turnover because guests aren't spending time making up their minds once they're seated. Those orders immediately go through when the guests sit at their table, with drinks and appetizers going the kitchen first, followed by entrées if those have also been ordered ahead of time. 

This also takes some pressure off the kitchen. The more your cooks know ahead of time, the better they can prepare when it comes time to start making these dishes.


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