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The Single Conference Room AV Solution You Need to Streamline Your Business

Increase Work Productivity With The Right AV Equipment

The Single Conference Room AV Solution You Need to Streamline Your Business

Conference rooms are excellent spots for long discussions to decide the general direction of your business or even discuss some of the finer details that make your business successful. However, conventional conference rooms need to keep up with the technology of the times to facilitate business operations and decision making. There are systems available that can be used to take your conference room AV to the next level, so let's take a look at what one of these systems—Crestron Flex—has to offer to your Palo Alto, CA business.


All-In-One Technology

Crestron Flex provides a unified communication system that incorporates and supports different cloud-hosted software used for video conferencing, messaging, and voice over IP to establish a clear and crisp line of communication. It also supports large platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, which have been increasingly used during remote and hybrid working environments recently. These systems make collaboration easy as scheduling, sharing information and advanced audio technology come together to provide optimized communication.

Superior User Experience

By using Crestron Flex, you have a reliable system that provides you with the required flexibility you need to communicate effectively. Enjoy conference room AV technology that is easy to use from one centralized platform for a collaborative environment that is seamless and free from frozen screens and lagging. Crestron provides a dependable system that can help you get your point across clearly and concisely, making it easier for the presenter to connect to their devices and share information with a single tap of a button on a touch screen.

A Simple Solution

Crestron focuses on creating products that are easy to use and convenient from the perspective of the user. The Crestron Flex portfolio has several products that can be connected with each other to provide an enhanced AV experience regardless of the size of the meeting room or conference room, making it easy to install. Additionally, the touchpad syncs all the devices together and provides a simple graphic user interface that can be used to control AV, lights, and shades with a few swipes on the screen.

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