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Simplify Business Operations With A Robust Network

Learn How A Networking Installation Can Make Your Job Easier

Simplify Business Operations With A Robust Network

Your company would collapse if it didn’t have an enterprise-grade network capable of handling the strain of every employee’s smart devices and computers in addition to whatever smart technology you have throughout your Woodside, CA office. There’s a lot of information being shared at all times, and if you’ve been noticing slower connection speeds recently, it’s time to consider a networking installation that evaluates how much pressure is being put on your system and offers solutions on how to fix it.

By working with a commercial automation company like Western Audio Video for your networking installation, you can increase the efficiency of your Woodside business by ensuring that all of your technology runs smoothly. Read on to learn why it’s essential for you to have a network that is built to withstand the stress of your business, not just for today, but for growth in the future.


Strengthen Your Commercial Automation System

Your commercial automation system brings all of the smart technology in your office together in a single interface that helps your employees be more productive, and the functionality of that system requires a robust network. Consider all of the different smart devices linked by your automation system: lighting, motorized shades, thermostats, surveillance cameras, locks and sensors, and commercial audio video components like speakers throughout the office, flat-panel displays in your lobby, and projectors in conference rooms. Each of these is using your Internet connection to function, and you need that connection to gain quick access from your controlling device, whether it's your company's customized touchscreen remote or your own smartphone. 

You’ve invested in HD video-conferencing technology because it helps you stay connected with remote employees and clients with crystal clear video and audio that makes it feel like everyone is in the same room, but that illusion is broken if the video feed lags, gets blurry, or drops out altogether. That cuts into productivity and makes your company look sloppy, which is why our networking installation creates a sturdy network infrastructure designed with your company's specific needs and technologies in mind. 

Secure Your Company’s Data

Want to know what will really cut into your company’s efficiency? Being forced to do damage control if your information is compromised. It hurts your reputation and can cause you to lose business, which is why our networking installation services include reinforced security measures that keep cybercriminals out. All of the aforementioned smart technology introduces new weak spots in your network that can be taken advantage of, but having multiple levels of firewalls and network encryption safeguards your valuable data. Monitoring services will let us know immediately if there’s an attempted attack, and we take the necessary steps to ward off potential threats before they gain access.

Want to learn more about how your Woodside, CA business can benefit from a powerful networking installation? Reach out to our experts by calling (877) 747-9447, filling out our online contact form, or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.