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Is Your Business Struggling With an Outdated Restaurant AV System?

Here Are Four Upgrades That Will Help You Boost Your Business Revenue

Is Your Business Struggling With an Outdated Restaurant AV System?

Your restaurant AV system can serve a variety of purposes. If done right, it can help you promote your favorite dishes, enhance your brand, entertain guests and encourage patron loyalty. But if you’re using outdated AV equipment in your San Francisco restaurant, it could be having the opposite effect.

Bad visuals will push local sports fans to your competitors to watch the big game. Inconsistent audio can ruin a dining experience and get people to leave your establishment quickly. A complicated control system means you can't meet client requests quickly—ruining your overall customer service.

How can you make sure your restaurant AV system will be a catalyst for business rather than a hindrance? By embracing these technology solutions.

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Upgrade to 4K Ultra HD Displays

When people walk into your establishment and see a TV set from the 1990’s, they’re going to think you don’t care enough about your business to invest in it. You’re better off not having displays at all than ones that are going to make you come off as cheap or inefficient.

At this point, particularly if you rely on sports fan traffic, all your displays should be upgraded to 4K Ultra HD resolution. By the time the Warriors are making their next postseason run, you want to be the go-to destination for fans.

This means not only switching out the displays but also installing the right cabling and media servers to get high-resolution images to them.

Diversify Your Restaurant Displays

Unless you have a very small or intimate setting, your business can typically benefit from multiple displays. In a sports bar environment, you can have multiple TVs showcasing different games. Add large screens for marquee events like the Super Bowl, World Cup or Olympics.

Even if you don’t have a big sports fan following, you can benefit from multiple displays. It’s all about diversifying your content.

Say you're running an Italian bistro. One screen can be showing a famous opera or Italian movie while another display features images of your favorite dishes or the specials for the day.

Design a Unique Speaker Layout

One of the biggest mistakes we see in DIY restaurant AV solutions is speaker placement. Diners often complain of music volume not because the media is too loud, but because the speakers are placed too close to them. 

Ideally, you should be using overhead or in-ceiling speakers with wide dispersion. This will keep your space from having uneven sound. Diners shouldn’t be able to notice when they’re standing directly under a speaker.

Embrace an Intuitive Control Solution 

The final step is bringing your brand new restaurant AV system together with reliable control solutions. From a touchpad or tablet, it should be easy for all your employees to adjust content and volume.

For your displays, you can change the channel without having a waiter wasting valuable time trying to find the remote and then the right cable box. Invest in intuitive content management solutions that make it easy to switch out promotional images and text.

Another benefit of having a custom speaker layout is that you can create audio zones. This way you can adjust volume independently in different areas of your restaurant. Cater to differing needs in your dining area, bar, and patio.  

Are you ready to boost business revenue with a professional restaurant AV system? Reach out to Western AV to get a customized solution.