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How to Enhance Your Business Potential With Video Walls

Everything You Need to Know About the Ultimate Digital Signage Solution

How to Enhance Your Business Potential With Video Walls

Marketing experts know one thing: Digital signage is heads above traditional advertising when it comes to engaging visitors in your San Jose, CA business.

They have the numbers to back it up: A recent study found that 70 percent of Americans have seen a digital display in the past month. Of those, 82 percent can remember what it showed.

One way to make a lasting impact with your digital signage is quite simple: Go big. Giant displays will have a giant impact.

What's the best way to create cost-effective, efficient displays on a large scale? Video walls that let you create larger-than-life images to better engage your target audience.

In this blog, we'll explain what video walls are, their benefits, and how the right commercial audio video solutions help you get the most out of them.

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What is A Video Wall?

A video wall is an installation that combines various screens to create a single display. It can be used to promote one large image or have different content showcased on each screen.

While the attention is understandably on the 4K Ultra HD displays, there should also be a commercial audio video system in place to optimize their potential.

The first step is getting content to your displays through a controller that lets you access all your media sources from one device. This controller also enables you to choose how large you want the image to be and on which screens you want to show it.

Most video walls also come with built-in software to make sure the process of controlling your display is simple from a dedicated touchpad or mobile app.

The advanced software lets you schedule content, insert social media feeds, and even combine video and text on your screen.

How Can You Use A Video Wall?

Video walls are effective in a variety of business applications ranging from sports bars to museums. In this section, we'll highlight some of the unique benefits of using video walls so you can figure out if they're the right fit for you.

  • Impactful Visuals: A video wall composed of various screens lets you go big without sacrificing quality. While TVs have size limits and projectors have brightness issues, you can expand video walls endlessly by just adding more displays – without diminishing returns.
  • Create Fresh Content: With the right commercial audio video software, it’s easy for you not only to switch out the content on your screen but also create new size and shape configurations. In a retail environment, this lets you promote sales in a fresh, new way. An always evolving display is sure to engage your visitors.
  • Stay Informed: In some cases, video walls are all about providing as much information as possible. In a sports bar, you can use your wall to showcase all first-round March Madness games simultaneously instead of wasting a large screen on one game. Multi-screen displays are also ideal to aggregate data and coordinate actions in control room or military settings.

Video walls can be an ideal solution if you want a unique way to show off your restaurant menu, create dynamic digital signage to promote your clothing brand or add interactive displays in a museum.

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