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Audio Video Upgrades to Improve Your Business This Fall

Enhance the Conference Room AV in Your San Jose Office

Audio Video Upgrades to Improve Your Business This Fall

Fall is the season when businesses scramble to get their profits up during the year’s last financial quarter, and you want your company to be as smooth, efficient, and productive as possible during this time. Help streamline your office operations with conference room AV upgrades designed to make presentations, meetings, and conference calls simpler to execute without unnecessary tech headaches.

Read on to learn more about the top conference room AV solutions for your San Jose office.




Commercial Automation Systems

The best thing you can do for your conference room AV is invest in a commercial automation system. This allows you to control all the AV components in your office from a single centralized interface. You'll be able to access your sound system, flat-panel displays, and projectors from a control app on your smartphone, which makes it much easier to adjust the AV for specific occasions.

Even better, your commercial automation system gives you control of all the smart technology in your space, and you can adjust lights, motorized shades, climate, and even surveillance cameras from that same control app you use for audio and video.


Super Bright 4K Projection

In the past you would have to completely black out a conference room to get a clear picture from your projector, but rapidly evolving projection technology has created new equipment that can deliver ultra-high-definition resolution for pictures and video. If you don't want to buy blackout shades for your conference room, a super bright 4K projector will allow you to present materials in fully lit spaces. This is particularly helpful when it comes to video conferencing, now you don’t need to turn down the lights to see people whose video feeds are being projected.


HD Video Conferencing

With so much business happening remotely nowadays, it’s important that your company has high-definition video conferencing technology so that communications with remote staff and clients feel personal. You want to get as close to being with the other person in the same room, so you need crisp video that doesn’t lag, skip, or drop out randomly. This requires the right equipment, but it also requires evaluating your office’s network connection to guarantee that your bandwidth can handle all of your AV components and smart technology leeching off of it at the same time.


Connectivity Hubs

Cut down on time you spend prepping for presentation by having easy-to-use connectivity hubs. While there are a variety of wireless connectivity options, you can also install panels inside your conference room table that contain different ports, retractable wires, and power outlets for quick connecting and charging. Maximize your team’s efficiency easily!

Want to learn more about how your San Jose office can upgrade its conference room AV? Reach out to one of our experts at (877) 747-9447 or by sending a message in the live chat window below.

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