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3 Security Tips for Your Video Conferencing System

Protect Your Company’s Sensitive Data with These Tips

3 Security Tips for Your Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing has become the norm lately as more people telecommute. Conferencing systems certainly offer convenience, but businesses must be careful when using these systems as they potentially pose a security risk. Being proactive about security will help to protect your company. Read our blog to learn three security tips for using a video conferencing system in your San Francisco, CA workplace.


Limit Access

Improve the security of your meetings by ensuring that only people who are invited can join. If someone shares the link to your session, it can be easy for a stranger not affiliated with your company to join. Even if no one shares the link, there are ways for hackers to intrude. We recommend password protecting your meetings or limiting access to those with unique ID numbers to reduce the risk. If you have reoccurring meetings, consider creating a new password or new link for each session to increase security. Some video conferencing systems allow you to lock the meeting once all authorized people have joined, and other systems will enable you to approve each person. Make sure that you can remove users from your sessions should the need arise.

Protect Your Information

Double-check to make sure that your meeting isn't being recorded if you do not intend to record it. While most conferencing services use some indicator to show that you're being recorded, there are ways to circumvent this. A good rule of thumb is to assume that you're always being recorded and avoid sharing private information during a video conference meeting. If the information you're discussing is confidential, ensure that you are using an enterprise-level service that offers encryption and privacy protection rather than a free service that anyone can access.

Have a Policy in Place

Before choosing a video conferencing service, review the privacy policy to know how your information will be used. Some conferencing services might share your information with third parties. It is also essential to create clear video conferencing policies at your business. An employee might put your data at risk if they are uninformed, but if they have a clear set of instructions to follow, that is less likely to happen. Ensure that everyone knows what your privacy and security standards are so that you are not put at risk.

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