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3 Reasons You Need a Commercial AV Distribution System

Bring Your Business into the 21st Century

3 Reasons You Need a Commercial AV Distribution System

Running a business in San Jose, CA can be tough, and you need to do everything you can to stand out and work efficiently. As the world increasingly relies on digital technology, you need a system that can keep up. Whether you want to share information instantly, receive updates at lightning speeds, or ensure everyone on your staff sees and hears the same thing, you need to invest in a commercial AV distribution system. In this blog, we’ll show you some of the technologies you can enjoy to help make your business run better.


Streaming Video

How do you ensure everyone sees the same video content throughout your office, factory, or retail establishment? By centralizing your video distribution system into a single, comprehensive structure.

With a video distribution system, each connected video monitor can show the exact same content. Cables that run throughout the space can facilitate full HD or 4K UHD content, depending on your business needs. From video walls that showcase real-time stock market and weather updates, to digital signs that can update throughout the day, your video system can display the information you need at all times.

Each monitor is connected to one or more centralized servers. Switches make it easy to select which of the feeds your business sees. You can select what’s shown throughout a room, a floor, or the entire space with an intuitive interface on a connected computer.

Streaming Audio

Streaming audio works similarly to video distribution, in that you’ll have centralized sources (existing neatly on the same rack as the video servers) connected to speakers throughout your workspace. Depending on your needs, you can stream music, deliver information, or activate alerts throughout the day.

Speakers can be wall mounted or recessed. If you’d prefer not to see them, they can be installed within the ceiling or walls. Expert audio design and calibration will ensure there are no peak areas of hot spots. The sound will appear even throughout the entire space no matter where anyone is.

PA and Intercom

Public address systems allow you to share one-way messages with an entire hall or building. You can speak directly into it or set up automated messages. “If/then” software will help organize and prioritize automated messaging, so your PA system can update your staff throughout the day.

Intercoms allow you to communicate with a single room. Whether you want to have direct communication to certain spaces or use your intercom for access control, they offer clear audio connections between two ends.

Some intercom systems also allow you to see the person on the other end, thanks to connected HD video cameras and displays. And with certain smart systems, you can connect to your intercom via a smartphone or tablet.

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