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3 Reasons Employees Love Reliable Conference Room AV

Discover How Investing in Telecommuting Equipment Will Improve Employee Satisfaction

3 Reasons Employees Love Reliable Conference Room AV

Business owners know how important it is to keep their employees happy to reduce turnover rate and attract top talent. Employees that care about the company are more productive, are more likely to stay long-term, are more invested in the company's goals, and are more creative.

Despite these benefits, crafting a good company culture can be elusive. The pandemic has revealed that workers who can work from home are happier in their companies and are more likely to be productive. However, to stay connected with remote employees, you need a robust conference room. Keep reading to learn how a conference room AV setup will benefit your Palo Alto area business's employees.


Easy Communication

Being unable to get a hold of a colleague can cause unneeded stress to your employees. Video conferencing solutions like Zoom make this easy, whether your workers are in the office or remote. Dialing in and answering a video call is just a click away. Share vital information, demo new products, and agree on quotas, deadlines, and goals from an easy-to-use platform. Add impact with visuals such as graphs and charts through screen share, giving critical information with impact.

Happier Employees

Employees who are happy and healthy are more productive than unhappy employees. Traveling for meetings can cause physical and mental distress, leading to higher employee turnover and revenue loss in having to train new employees. Video conferencing leads to higher employee satisfaction rates without sacrificing productivity. On top of providing a better work-life balance, telecommunicating also cuts down on costs. One study found that when companies allowed their workers to telecommute 50% of the time, it allowed for annual savings of $11,000 per employee.

Better Relationships

Body language is an essential component of human communication. Phone calls limit our ability to understand the meaning of a person's words because we lose that visual reference. This aspect of communication generates better collaborations, leading to better working relationships during video conferencing. Building a shared sense of camaraderie and getting to know your coworkers leads to better company culture. Plus, having space means that coworkers are less likely to get on each other's nerves, leading to less tension.

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